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Where to find Soy Lecithin in a Grocery Store?

Where to Buy Soy Lecithin and Find It in the Grocery Store

Lecithin is an unfamiliar ingredient to most home cooks. But in reality, it is a widely used product in the baking industry. As a mixture of various phospholipids, lecithin works wonders as an emulsifier. Besides, most bakeries add it to their products to improve the quality, looks, and shelf life of their baked goods. Now, using it for your baking is probably a very good idea. Want to know where to find soy lecithin in a grocery store?

We’ll provide you general store guidance as to where and how you can get your hands on a pack of lecithin.

If used properly, lecithin is like the grant wishing genie. You can even do eggless baking with it, replacing naturally occurring lecithin in egg yolks. We have a whole article on the best Soy Lecithin separately for all these benefits.

Recommended Soy Lecithin to Purchase Online

If you are confused as to which lecithin product you need to buy, we’ve included a table full of options for you;

Landor Trading Company Lecithin PowderAdditive-free cooking
Modernist Pantry Pure Soy Lecithin PowderKosher certified foods and cooking
Fearn Natural Foods Lecithin GranulesHealthy brain, nervous system, and liver
Lewis Labs Lecithin Granules SupplementIf you want vegan supplement
Fast Easy Bread Pure Liquid Soy LecithinFor a better baking experience
Now Supplements, Sunflower Lecithin PowderIf you want soy-free supplement

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Soy Lecithin in?

So, after reading all these uses of lecithin, you must be thinking to yourself, ‘where can I buy soy lecithin for baking.’ However, you should also know that lecithin doesn’t only have uses for baking but is taken for many health benefits as well. But we’ll talk about them later on. First, let’s discuss where you can buy soy lecithin.

When you visit the grocery store, first look for lecithin in the baking aisle. Since it is used extensively for numerous baking purposes, there is a high chance you might find it there.
The next place you can look for is the vitamins and supplements aisle. We have already mentioned that lecithin is also taken for various health benefits.

Most people take it as a food supplement in powder, liquid, or granulated form. Another place to look for would be the shelves with meal replacement powders.
And if you don’t even find it there, the last resort would be the personal care section.

Unless you find lecithin there, it is safe to assume that the grocery store doesn’t have it.
We should also mention that some of the locally owned Health Food and Pharmacies like Publix also sell lecithin. But instead of powdered form to use for bakery, they are sold in capsule form or as Lecithin Granules.

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What Stores Sell Soy Lecithin?

You have to be really unlucky in order not to find any lecithin through any of the methods discussed earlier. Therefore, you can try various online stores searching with ‘lecithin granules near me.’

  • Amazon

There isn’t a thing that cannot be found in Amazon. When you search for Soy lecithin, there are dozens and dozens of results. Liquid lecithin is used for baking works like dough making. Besides, health-conscious people also like soy lecithin powder as a natural food supplement.

  • Walmart

Unbeatable at low prices, Walmart also sells many types of lecithin powder products. If you’re unsure about brands, check their online site to pick one.

  • GNC

They have their own brand of lecithin powder, which can be used for your brain, liver, and cardiovascular health.

  • Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market also has their own brand of products. You can find their lecithin powder in the supplement aisle and the liquid variant in the meal replacement aisle.

  • Safeway

Lecithin is found in their vitamin aisle. There are different brands of lecithin products in Safeway.

  • Kroger

A variety of brands, including Simple Truth, Bob’s Red Mill, and Fearn, have their lecithin products in Kroger as well.

  • Vons

Although not very popular, this grocery store usually has all the things you can expect, including lecithin.

Some Great Ways to Use Soy Lecithin

There are two major reasons lecithin is used. One, it is used as an emulsifier for producing bakery goods. And the other reason is that it also acts as a natural preservative that increases the shelf life of whatever you are cooking.

Another great use of lecithin is as a food supplement to reduce cholesterol in the body.
There are numerous ways you can use lecithin. Here, we’ll discuss just a few of them to give you an idea.

Making Vinaigrette
When lecithin is used while making vinaigrette at home, it works as an emulsifier and makes the mixture almost permanent. Since lecithin doesn’t alter or affect the color or taste of the vinaigrette, it makes an excellent salad dressing or marinade.

Making Lemon Foam
Lecithin also helps you make an excellent texturizer like lemon foam or culinary foam. It is basically a new foodie trend of using bubble foam and flavor essence.

Making Vegan Butter
If you’re a vegan, you can easily make butter with the help of lecithin. And if made correctly, the butter will taste almost exactly like any other butter. The thick cream vegan butter will also taste amazing.

Making Bread Dough
This is probably the most common use of lecithin in the bakery. When used with dough, it increases the workability of the yeast, raising the dough more and more, and also improves the shelf life of the baked good a lot.

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Many people might wonder if it is really good for their health. Some studies show that lecithin has many health benefits since it is just another version of egg yolk. However, since sometimes lecithin is used from genetically modified soy, some people like to avoid it.

So, when you are thinking about where to find soy lecithin in the grocery store, it is better to look for organic soy products than genetically modified ones.



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