Where to Find Rock Salt in the Grocery Store
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Did you just buy the ice cream maker and it needs rock salt to work? Or is it winter, and you need the de-icing salt to get your water running?

We all know rock salt, which is a common name for Halite, is a great de-icing agent—but finding this thing can become difficult, especially when you need it the most, during winter. However, we’ve all been to the grocery store like a million times already many still ask where to find rock salt in the grocery store.

Moreover, you see, when you are a property or a business owner, finding a long term rock salt vendor could make a difference between peace of mind in the winter and constant anxiety. You never know where or when you’ll get your hands on your next batch of Halite.

We all have been through this experience of thinking to ourselves, where can I buy rock salt near me. In this article, we’ll try to explain the process of locating this shy stone gradually. Read on to know more.

These are some of our rock salt picks. Do check them out.

Trader Joe’s Sea Salt CrystalsSeasoning all kinds of food
Olde Thompson Himalayan Pink SaltUsing as finishing salt
Frontier Himalayan Pink SaltAn alternative to table salt
Tidman’s Rock SaltSalt grinders
Himalania Pink SaltNutritional and health benefits
Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan SaltAdding flavor to the steak

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Rock Salt in?

Now you must be wondering why I can’t find rock salt in the grocery store. We also have gone through the same experience and thought the same question again and again. Then we came up with some reasons behind this mysterious problem.

The main reason behind this hiccup is the discrepancy between the rock salt’s name and its uses. Since it is called a ‘salt’ most people go look at the salt aisle in the store. However, many become disappointed and come back empty-handed.

Remember we mentioned ‘de-icing agent’ as the quality of rock salt? Well, this might be the reason. As it turns out, rock salt or Halite is often used to clean ice-filled roads during the winter.

Moreover, this thing is actually used both residentially and municipally to prevent frost and ice from forming by spreading on the roads. This is popularly known as gritting the road.
When such mineral is used for this purpose, you can easily guess why it is not kept with other normal cooking salts in the isle.

The other reason is since people also like to use this salt for cooking, in its original form it contains some impurities that shouldn’t be consumed. So to differentiate between safe to consume salt and totally natural pure rock salt, it is kept in a different aisle.

Suppose you’re at the grocery store and need edible rock salt, then look for the spice section in the store. You might find it there on a lower shelf near other types of salt.

This is the only rock salt type that is labeled for human consumption. You might not find it under the name ‘Rock Salt’ per se, since they are also known as large-granule sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Weirdly, some drugstores also sell rock salt in small amounts.

Besides some of the stores also keep this item in their hardware isle. This is the de-icing salt we were talking about. You cannot consume this salt with food. It can only be used to melt ice.

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What Stores Sell Rock Salt?

Still, wondering where to purchase rock salt? Well, you can find this item in almost all big grocery stores, both online and offline in the country, only if you know where to look.

Your Local Grocery
look for products near your resident first. It is best for any consumer to have a look and hold any product before buying. Online stores don’t provide this benefit.

Local Drug Stores
if you need rock salt in a small amount only, probably to use with food, then you might find it in local drug stores too.

we don’t need to emphasize what can and can’t be found on Amazon. You just name it, and it is in there. Again, you can even buy in bulk amount of rock salt there.

second to only Amazon but unbeatable at low prices, you will definitely find rock salt in Walmart as well. We’re pretty sure you can find both edible and de-icing rock salt in there. Look for Himalania Pink Salt in the spice aisle, which is especially a good one.

Private Selection’s Himalayan Pink Salt or the one from Morton Coarse is the one you could choose from Kroger.

this shop is getting a lot of popularity these days too. If you want to get the Olde Thompson Salt, you can almost surely get it there.

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Some Great Ways to Use Rock Salt

There are actually many ways you can use rock salt, more than regular sea salt, to be honest.

Gritting or De-icing
For the unpurified natural rock salt, it is used as a de-icing agent during cold winter seasons. As we’ve discussed earlier in this write-up, when people use the term ‘gritting the road’, it is usually meant as spreading the rock salt all over to melt the ice.

Ice Cream Making
another important usage for rock salt is for making ice cream. The salt is used to make the cream cold faster. However, it cannot be eaten either.

Use It as a Salt Rim for Drinks

rock salt works wonders for seasoning foods that you cannot stir. Just coarsely ground the salt and sprinkle it onto cuts of meat like steaks and pretzels, etc. Rock salt is also much easier to spread on foods evenly than finer sea salt.

some rock is also used for decorating houses with lamps. Many people claim the health benefits of using salt lamps. Although not scientifically proven yet, these lamps do make an aesthetically pleasing warm light.

Treating Sore Throat
gargling with rock salt and warm water helps out a lot in the remedy of sore throats too. Research also shows this method to be highly effective.

Nutrition for the Body
Studies have also shown that rock salt or Himalayan Pink Salt possess many nutrients and trace minerals that normal table salt or sea salt lack. There are also many other major differences between sea salt and rock salt too.


Many people wonder where to find rock salt in the grocery store as different stores keep them in different locations based on uses and purity. So knowing its many different uses and types helps out a lot in locating this item.

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