where to find Nori sheets in the grocery store

Since you’re looking for where to find Nori sheets in the grocery store, it means you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine for sure.

It really doesn’t matter much whatever your skillset is, nori sheets will bring out your desired effect quite easily. Rich in vitamin B1, when you buy nori sheets and eat them they help you combat mental fatigue.

Moreover, nori sheets have high protein and fiber content in them along with lots of trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Besides, since it is very low on calories and has almost no carbohydrates, it can be the best food if you watch your calorie intake.

Recommended Nori Sheets for Online Purchase

Are you currently seeking a quick throw-together snack and need nori sheets for that? Well, we have an article that will help you find the best nori sheets in your nearby grocery stores. But for the time being, you can have a quick look at the following options;

Organic Daechun Roasted SeaweedStoring easily
Kimnori Full-Size SheetsSugar-free diet
Kimnori Organic Full-Size SheetsIf you want the non-GMO product
gimMe Organic Roasted SeaweedTotally organic recipe
One Organic Nori Premium Roasted SeaweedMaking smaller sized treats
Dagagam Organic Nori Seaweed SheetsExtra clean and extra secure packaging
Sprout Talk Organic Roasted NoriIf you’re looking for a quick snack
Raw Organic Nori SheetsKosher wraps and foods

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Nori Sheets in?

Now, where to find Nori sheets in the grocery store, you have to know which category the product in question falls under. Because grocery stores need to arrange all their products in specific aisles under different categories.

If something might fall under multiple category types, it is not feasible for any store to keep the same product in multiple aisles for limited shelf space. So you might have to look for it in different places.
Therefore if you think about nori, it is Asian cuisine. It can also be termed as a form of dried food. You won’t do injustice if you call it seafood either.

So as for where to find seaweed in the grocery store, look in the seafood aisle. If there is an international or Asian aisle in the store look for nori there too. It might be with other types of seaweeds there.
Since nori can also be used as a snack, there is a chance you might find it in the snacks aisle. Some grocery stores might keep it in their natural food and gluten-free sections as well.

What Stores Sell Nori Sheets?

Almost all the major grocery stores have nori sheets in them since they are becoming quite popular. The major stores that sell nori sheets are the ones below.
Since you can find almost anything on Amazon, why not nori? Simply visit their website, and you can search for nori sheets near me to get the best results.

You can easily find nori in Walmart both online and in the store. If you visit the local Walmart store, make sure to visit their website to check the availability of the product first.

Your Local Health Food Store
Any health food store will generally have nori sheets since they are very good diet food and a great source of protein and fiber. Besides, you can also find it at any seaweed grocery store near you.

Whole Foods
There is an aisle of Asian products in Whole Foods and you can find nori there. Usually, they keep nori from Emerald Cove or Eden.

If you happen to visit Safeway, look for nori in the international or the snack aisle. Their nori is usually from Halo, Blue Dragon, or Hime.

Asian Markets
There are Asian markets in almost all the major cities in the country. And finding nori there would be as easy as pie. Besides, you can find the cheapest nori in there too.

This store also sells nori in their international aisle.

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Some Great Ways to Use Nori Sheets

These are some of the great ways you can use nori sheets.

  • Easy Vegan Sushi
    If you are a vegan, you are missing out a lot on sushi. But the good news is that by using nori sheets, you can have your ultimate vegan sushi that might even taste better than the original sushi dish!

You won’t even need and rolls if you have nori sheets. With curried avocado and chickpeas, you can make your very own delicious vegan sushi.

  • Toasted Nori Dip
    If you know how to toast nori sheets, you’re on for a ride. Toasted nori sheets are more delicious and crunchy with a nutty flavor. If you don’t know how to toast nori sheets, have a look at this video below.

Once you have toasted the nori, pulse them until they’re nicely ground. Now add a cup of mayonnaise with a half cup of Greek yogurt. You’ll also need single tablespoons of rice vinegar and white miso. Add these to two tablespoons of minced chives and puree until smooth.

You can start using it right away or refrigerate it to use later on. Seasoning it with some kosher salt and pepper makes it fantastic. You can use this dip with anything and everything you want.

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  • Faux Tuna Salad
    You can’t make tuna salad without nori sheets. However, if you are a vegan, then tuna is out of the question. You can make mock tuna salad, which will taste equally great with the help of nori sheets. If you mix several other seaweeds to it, it will make a different but appetizing meal.
  • Nori Miso Soup
    For the most perfect umami-packed savory vegan dish, there is no other option better than miso soup with tofu. This comforting and healthy food can be made within just 15 minutes.


People obsessed with Japanese cuisine or simply seafood, always ask where to find nori sheets in the grocery store. In all honesty, it is a food that is hard to beat in nutritional value, let alone its uses and soft briny taste.
Not only is it a sushi-making essential, with proper technique, you can also make innumerable types of delicious and healthy dishes with it.

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