How to Smoke a Steak

Are you planning to smoke steaks this weekend? Well, the art of smoking steaks can be both exciting and daunting. It is something that tosses the mind of beginners and even experienced hands.
But you have come to the right place. Smoking is known for infusing natural and aromatic smoky flavors into your beef. Mastering the technique will make you receive a lot of praise from your guests.
The advancement in technology has made the entire process of smoking steaks quite simple. There are many ways on how to smoke a steak. The good news is that all these methods have the same end product.
Electric smokers and charcoal smokers are some of the vital instruments for smoking beef. But you will be expected to learn how to smoke a steak in an electric smoker and charcoal smoker.
We have compiled a quick guide on how to smoke a flank, tomahawk, and ribeye steak for you. Take the time to read through the article and try to implement each step at a time.
Let’s find out more:

Best Cut of Steak to Smoke

There are a lot of recipes online on how to cook beef. Each method guarantees juicy, tender, and flavorful meat. If you are looking to take your recipe to another level, then smoking is the real gem.
How to Smoke a Steak 9Smoked steak is incredibly mouthwatering. But there are unique factors to put into consideration. Some of these factors are steak cuts and the type of wood used for smoking.
These combs bring the true identity of the best backyard barbecue. Each cut of the steak has a unique texture, flavors, and aroma. Pick a cut that will give you the urge of having a regular backyard barbecue party for the family.
Some of the best steak cuts to smoke are the ribeye, flank, tomahawk, and tri-tip. These cuts help to bring something unique to the table for dinner.
Keep in mind that these beef cuts are smoked in different ways. Every barbecue enthusiast needs to learn how to smoke a flank steak and tri-tip steak. These are the most crucial beef cuts to consider.
Mastering the technique on how to smoke a ribeye steak will be an added advantage. The meat around the ribcage is quite soft and lean.
The thickness of the steak and temperature in the smoker are some of the critical factors to consider. These factors will determine the degree of infusion of smoky flavors and taste.
Keep reading the guide and learn how to smoke a tri-tip steak. The methodologies listed in the article are based on our personal experience.

How to Smoke a Steak Like a Pro

One of the most incredible things is that smoking steaks are quite easy and simple. Grilling steaks has been proven to be quite challenging when compared to smoking beef.

How to Smoke a Steak 15But it is something that takes time to bring a lump of delicious meat to the table. You need to exercise patience and avail of all the necessary items.

The good news is that giving your steak extra time for smoking tends to be worth the wait. The infusion of natural flavors makes it stand out from grilled meat.

Here are steps on how to smoke a tomahawk steak like a pro:

Select the Wood Flavor

Pick the best wood chips that contain the flavors of your choice. Avoid using wood chips that contain resins since it might ruin the taste and flavors of your steak.
Some of the best wood chips for smoking beef are maple, oak, hickory, pecan, apple, cherry, mesquite, and alder. These trees have unique tastes and flavors.
Another important thing to note is that each wood chip flavor serves different meat cuts. Assess the type of meat cut and your taste before choosing the wood chips

Light the Smoker

The smoker needs to preheat until it reaches 225oF. Pick your favorite wood chips and place them in the smoker. These components will infuse natural flavors in the steak.
Keep in mind that lighting the smoker tends to be quite different depending on the model. Electric smokers need electricity and traditional smokers may require charcoal.
Always buy a smoker that is simple to fire and easy to use. It will help reduce the hassle of reading the instructional manual to learn how to use it.

Choose the Steak Cut and Season

Large animals have different types of steak cuts. The texture and flavor of these meat cuts are quite different. Besides that, smoking methodologies usually differ to some extent.
The good news is that seasoning these parts is done in the same way. You only need to pat the steak to dry using a pepper towel.
Use Epsom salt and cracked black pepper for seasoning. Ensure all the sides of the meat are seasoned and all the flavors have been infused into the beef.
The best steak cuts for smoking are flanks, ribeye, tomahawk, tri-tip, and chuck. These are an excellent choice for families or friends holding a backyard barbecue party.

Put the Steak in the Smoker

Place the meat on the smoker’s grate and close the lid. Allow the beef to get smoky until it attains an internal temperature of your choice.Best Charcoal Smoker
Some of the popular internal temperatures to choose from are 115oF for rare, 125oF for medium-rare, 135oF for medium, and 145oF for medium-well.
Always get to know the internal temperature choice for your family or friends before getting onboard. The tip will guide your smoking recipe.

Preheat the Cast Iron Skillet

Remove the steak from the grate of the smoker. Use high heat to preheat the cast iron skillet and coat it lightly with a high heat oil.
Preheating of the iron skillet can be done in the kitchen. The most exciting thing is that there are several types of high heated oil in the market.

Place the Smoked Steaks on the Iron Skillet

Sear the steaks on the iron skillet and allow each side to stay for about two minutes. Keep on heating the meat until it attains the desired doneness.
But the desired doneness tends to depend on the taste of an individual. The most common temperatures for complete cooking are 125oF for rare, 135oF for medium-rare, 145oF for medium, 155oF for medium-well, and 165oF for well.

Ready for Serving

Remove the meat from the skillet and place on a clean plate or board. Give it about ten minutes to cool down and flavors to condense on the steak.How to Smoke a Steak 2
Sprinkle Epsom salt for additional flavor. But this should only be applicable when there is a need. The salt used during the seasoning is quite enough for adding flavor to taste in the beef.
You can serve the steak with rice, bread, and potato stew. Some people prefer serving beverages of their choice.

Can You Slow Smoke a Steak?

Smoking is ideal for increasing the shelf-life of the meat. But the technique is quite crucial during barbecuing of steak in the backyard.
It helps to infuse flavors and improve the taste of the beef. Besides that, smoking can tenderize and turn worse steak cuts into a delicious meal.How to Smoke a Steak 4 So, can you slow smoke a steak? Absolutely. It tricks help to provide a thick stream of smoke around the meat for an extended period. The exposure ensures the steak attained the maximum flavors.
But it would be best to control the smoke to prevent making your steak have a bitter taste. Keep in mind that too much and too little smoke is not good for your meat cuts.

Do You Flip Steak When Smoking?

Many barbecue enthusiasts are normally carried away while cooking meat cuts. The intention is to make the entire process look enjoyable and entertaining.
So, do you flip steak when smoking? Not advisable. Smoking is an indirect method of cooking steaks. It implies that the source of heat does not produce direct flames.

Flipping meat being cooked with low heat results in loss of buildup heat. The process usually opens up the internal part of the meat.
Swinging the steak more often causes loss of the desired temperature. Always leave the beef to cook slowly in the smoke under low temperatures.

How Long Does It Take to Smoke a Steak?

There are many parts of a large animal that provide steaks. Keep in mind that every meat cut has a unique texture and flavor. The factors play a crucial role in determining the period of cooking.
high quality thermometerSo, how long does it take to smoke a steak? It should be about one hour regardless of the steak cut. But the consistency of the smoker temperature and the preferred internal temperature is quite vital.
Get a high-quality thermometer to help in providing the readings of the temperature. The temperature readings will help you know when the steak is ready for serving.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of recipes for smoking steaks. But mastering the art of smoking needs practice and hands-on experience.
It would be best to consider the flavors of the wood chips before beginning the process of smoking. Pick a wood chip flavor that is concurrent with your taste and that of your family or friends.
Start slowly by learning how to smoke a flank steak, tri-tip steak, ribeye steak, and tomahawk steak. Try each meat cut separately and test the level for your smoking skills.

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