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How Often to Change the Refrigerator Water Filter?


The refrigerator water filter requires a continuous supply of fresh water. It should be clean so that it may clear the stuff stuck in the filters. This means that it is also essential for your health. We know that the water pipelines add bacteria, dirt, heavy metals, and minerals into the water that reaches our home tapes.

The use of refrigerator filters or dispensers at home is to get rid of all this stuff. Over time, it builds up over the filter which is not a good sign. It should be either clean or be replaced with the new Best MWF Water Filters when it is enough dirty.

We will learn step by step how to change and how often to change the refrigerator water filter, in a short brief.

How often to change the refrigerator water filter?

Many of us do not know how often to replace the refrigerator water filter. We are here with the guideline about it so that we may do this chore properly as and when required. You will be able to learn that why we should change it and how often we should practice the same.

Also, you will learn the signs that indicate replacement of refrigerator water filter, and how you can do it at home. So, let us start with each section one by one.

How does refrigerator filter work?

Refrigerator filters work by using the sediment and carbon filter present inside its system. This system helps in the removal of odor and bad taste from the refrigerator. This is the ultimate goal of this system in a refrigerator. picture by- Amazon

If we look into the structure of this filter, we come to know that there is a carbon block core that has a covering of polypropylene. The water supply is continuous on the outer side of this material. Thus, the removal of debris and any suspended particles is made possible. Other than these unwanted materials, there are a few more that remain stuck on the carbon blocks only.

A process called adsorption comes into play when the contaminants in the water start to adhere to carbon filters. This is the process that they use to stick to the upper surface of this filter. This means that they do not get into the surface of the carbon filter and become part of it. Rather they remain at the top because of their enormous surface area.

Are Refrigerator Water Filters necessary?

There are so many reasons why refrigerator water filters are necessary. The most prominent ones include the following:

  • It starts to provide clean water.
  • It reduces the contaminants in the water.
  • The prevention of bacteria from entering inside the water is made possible.

Now, these factors show that how important or necessary it is to have a refrigerator water filter. We may also learn that what can happen if this is not present in the system. Here are the points that will explain the things that will explain further about the importance of refrigerator water filters.

Clogging of Filters

The refrigerator water filters continuously collect the dirt and debris. At an open point, it becomes saturated with them, thus you need to remove those clogs from the filter. This process will make sure that the water flows do not interrupt with the clogging. It also allows the incoming water filtration before you drink it.

Carbon Reaches Maximum Capacity

When the water continuously flows over the carbon filters, it collects the debris and particles on the surface of it. These particles accumulate over time and reduce the effectiveness of the filter to remove contaminants. So, even if the water flows over it, it will not be able to get clean through the filter.

Filter Starts to Grow Bacteria

When the carbon filter fills up with the particles, it becomes the residing place for the bacteria. They make it the campground for multiplication and to feed on those collected materials. This is another reason why it is necessary to have refrigerator water filters. They maintain a clean environment, thus keeping you safe from allergens and germs.

Why do we need to change the refrigerator filter?

We know that there are many health benefits of water filter replacement, but there are so many other factors too. The main factor is that when you keep on using the same old filter, it will start to contaminate the water. This is because the filter will fill up with dust, debris, particles, metal, and minerals.

When water will rush inside the dispenser by crossing through it with great pressure, it will bring those collected particles with it. Therefore, the replacement of water filters is extremely crucial when this stage arrives.

As this starts to happen, you will also observe that the refrigerator ice and water will smell bad and its taste will start to change slowly. It will also result in the clogging of filter mesh due to which new water filtration won’t be done effectively. Technically, you will be drinking extremely contaminated water.

This water from the water filters of the refrigerator would be even more contaminated than the direct water coming through the tap. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on the condition of the water filters of the refrigerator, and change them as soon as they get dirty.

How frequently we should change the refrigerator filter?

The most critical question of all is how often to change refrigerator water filters? A general recommendation of most manufacturing companies is that these filters need replacement after six-months.

However, it is also believed that there is no single factor that can control this. This means there are multiple things to consider in fridge filters before declaring the time of its replacement after a certain time of use.

First of all, the two main factors that control this is the use. The frequency of how much you use it for drawing water, and how much ice you make in it is all connected with the use of a filter. Other than this, water quality that enters the dispenser through a refrigerator water purifier is also critical.

At some places, it will be clear while at some places it would be extremely polluted. Along with this, the water harness and its pressure are also important because if it is high. So, if you are sure that the water quality of your home is good, then you should rest assured that you need replacement after 6 months.

If it is not good, then you may replace it after less than 3 months only because more dirt, heavy metals, minerals, and bacteria will be stuck o the filter mesh. Also, if you have cheap refrigerator water filters, then they will also need replacement after some time. Moreover, if the use is too much, then you again need quick replacement and late if the use is average.

Signs That Indicate refrigerator filter Need Replacement

If you are not sure that when you need to change the water filter of the refrigerator, you can always look for signs. It is up to you that how quickly and easily you can get the hint.
Here we will share some of the most prominent signs that will tell you that the time has come for replacement. These include the following:

  • The refrigerator water or ice starts to have a bad odor.
  • The taste of refrigerator water and ice would be awful.
  • The pressure in the water dispenser will be low due to dirt build-up.
  • The icemaker of the refrigerating machine will stop making ice or maybe make it at a slow rate.

If you notice even a single sign from the above, rush for buying a new water filter for the refrigerator.

Steps to Change the Refrigerator Filter

You have learned that why we need to change the water filters of the refrigerator and how often this should be done. Now, the next question popping in your head must be “how to change the inline water filter of a refrigerator?”. Well, it is mainly in connection with the type and particular model of the refrigerator that need this replacement.

Luckily, the fundamental or basic steps are very simple and the same for each different type. So, we will share all those refrigerator water filter replacement steps here:

Purchase Right Water Filter

You have to start by purchasing the new water filter. This can be done either by checking the manual of the manufacturing company to get the best recommendation. If you lost that or couldn’t find it, then you may check the model number of refrigerator water filters online. From there, get information about a suitable water filter for it.

Locate the New Filter

If you do not know where the new refrigerator filters will be positioned, use the manufacturer’s manual. Other than this, you can also get information through online platforms. Locate the place and start with the next step.

Turn Off WaterEntry Point

Take the refrigerator away from the wall where it was standing. You can then use the valve of the water supply to turn off the water entry into the machine. This step is very important because you cannot work while the water entry is still on. It can cause a great mess, so never skip this step.

Remove Old Filter

The removal strategy of the old filter depends on the type of fridge water filter and the model. You can try either twisting method that needs to be done halfway to pull out the filter. If this does not work, then try the push release button. This will surely work because it is the only other method.

Install New Filter

You may twist the new refrigerator filter and place it in the place of the older one. This mainly depends on the housing of the filter, so do it accordingly.

Turn on Water Supply

In the end, you may turn on the button and let the refrigerator run. You will observe that the taste of water and its smell will be all good.

Water Filters for Refrigerators Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I guess that my refrigerator water filters need replacement?

Well, it is very simple to identify it. Some of the signs include the bad taste of water tap, the bad taste of ice, ice starts to smell, the water pressure of dispenser lowers down, and the filter alert starts beeping. These are clear signs that the replacement time has arrived.

Q. After how many months should I change my refrigerator water filters?

If the use of the device is average, then you can change it after 6 months. But if you are a frequent user, and many people rely on it, then change it after 3 months. Therefore, it is completely up to the extent of the refrigerator water filter that decides when it needs replacement.

Q. What if I do not change the refrigerator water filters?

If you do not change the water filters as and when they need this, it is wrong with yourself and those drinking water from it. The filter becomes dirty to a stage that the dirt and germs start to enter the incoming new water. Everyone will be drinking bad quality water that can cause allergies and other serious diseases.

Wrap Up on How Often to Change Refrigerator Water Filter

If you are still wondering that how often to change the refrigerator water filter, then you should get professional help. The information in the above section is simple to understand the problem and why it happens. We were also able to provide guidelines about how you can change refrigerator water filters at home.

But if you are confident about it, let the experts do the job. Overall, awareness about it is essential as it is important for the maintenance of your refrigerator that costs a lot of money.

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