Best Garlic Powder Substitutes

Garlic powder is an ideal ingredient for tasty, aromatic meals. It can save you from a boring meal and enhance your appetite with its strong flavor. Having garlic powder substitute in your kitchen can make cooking even much better. You will be able to enjoy your meal if you run out of the garlic powder or if you feel you need a change of flavor intensity. Here is the substitute for garlic powder you can pick next time you go shopping.

What is garlic powder?

Garlic powder is a type of garlic flavor that is ground and taken through the dehydration process to enhance its long life. The garlic utilized in processing garlic powder is purely organic, high quality, and carefully selected. Many people who take the kitchen powder more than the fresh garlic love the fact you can readily use it when you want. You do not have to go through the hectic process of peeling, slicing, and grinding, which normally takes time.

How healthy or unhealthy is garlic powder?

Garlic SaltGarlic powder is healthy since it does not contain solvents, artificial colors, fumigants, preservatives, and chemicals. It is purely made of organic garlic, which makes it safe from any toxic ingredients. However, although fresh garlic and garlic powder share the same ingredients, they have a very distinct taste and aroma. If you need a strong aroma, go for fresh garlic. On the other hand, if you want a low aroma and you are in a hurry, garlic powder will be your perfect match.

Moreover, garlic has many nutritional values in addition to the excellent flavor. Substitute for onion powder It contains high amounts of amino acids, which explains why it has a strong, pungent, and umami taste in your food. In addition to Amino acids, garlic powder contains a generous amount of Vitamin B-6, manganese, and phosphorus. Are you interested in how to substitute garlic powder for garlic?

What recipes can you use garlic to make?

Garlic powder can add excellent flavor to many common dishes, including the most boring dishes. You can utilize garlic powder to season fish, meatballs, vegetables, popcorns, beef, and chicken soup. Concisely, garlic powder makes your soup, sauce, stews, and dry rubs for veggies. Just a small pinch of the powder is sufficient to make your dishes memorable to your family.

Why do we require garlic powder substitutes?

Garlic powder has an amazing essence of aroma that is sufficient to make your dishes excellent. However, having a substitution for garlic powder in your kitchen is an added advantage. From time to time, we find ourselves running out of kitchen ingredients and spices without knowing. You find yourself halfway cooking and ready to add your favorite spice and boom, the containers are empty.

Having substitutes in your kitchen drawers can be handy in such moments. Moreover, too much of something is not favorable. If you use garlic powder every day on every dish you make, chances are you will get bored. You, therefore, require substitute garlic powder for fresh garlic for a change of aroma and taste. You will find more benefits below our five best garlic substitute garlic powder reviews.

1 Lawry’s Garlic Salt- garlic salt substitute for garlic powder

Best for: beef dishes, pasta, mashed potatoes, and dips.

Lawrys Garlic SaltThe Lawry’s Garlic Salt substitute garlic salt for garlic powder comes in a 33 OZ jar. It is made of pure salt and garlic. It is free from gluten and artificial chemicals and flavors. Since it features salt and garlic in the same jar, it makes it easy to season your food as you prepare. In addition, it is perfect for sprinkling in your sauces and fruits like avocado.
Since the main ingredient is the normal garlic powder, it shares the same nutritional value as the garlic powder, just that it contains salt. In addition, it is ideal for people who do not take to animal proteins because it does not have any substitute garlic powder for garlic salt animal products.


The Lawry’s Garlic Salt is ideal for seasoning a wide range of dishes, including white meat and fish. It adds a sweet, garlicky flavor and aroma to your meals without spending hours in the kitchen preparing it, unlike fresh garlic. People also love the idea of having salt and garlic in the same bottle since it makes cooking effortless.


It has a high salt constitution than garlic, which can make your food too salty if you do not use the right amount. Many people would prefer it to have a high level of high garlic powder and a considerable amount of salt.

Nutritional breakdown

Garlic saltAmount (per 100 g)% Recommended daily intake
Calories0 kcal0%
protein0 g0%
Carbohydrates0 g0%
Iron0 g0%
Saturated fats0 g0%
Total fats0 g0%
Salt35484 mg1868%
Calcium34 mg3%
Potassium191 mg5%
Cholesterol0 mg0%

Lawry’s Garlic Salt nutritional breakdown; Data credit: USDA

2 Happy Belly Granulated Garlic, 24 Ounces

Best for: bread, beef dishes, mashed potatoes, meats, and pasta.

Granulated GarlicThe Happy Belly Granulated Garlic is a garlic powder substitute for minced garlic, with a fine coarser texture, and has a stronger flavor. You can use this substitute in gravies, roasts, stews, pasta, pizza, sauces, among others. Furthermore, the bottle has holes on the lid, which enable you to sprinkle the granules on your dishes. This eliminates the struggle of having to open the lid and close it every time you want to use the powder. It is also very easy to smear the granules on meat and fishmeal.

This granulated garlic is made of pure processed organic garlic grown in China, and it comes in 24 ounces bottle. Moreover, it does not contain pesticides, artificial colors, fumigants, and herbicides. If you are an ardent fan of McCormick garlic, you will definitely take to Happy Belly powder seasoning. Every ¼ teaspoon of the Happy Belly granules contains one clove of fresh organic garlic.


The Happy Belly Granulated Garlic features health benefits and a tasty flavor that is almost the same as garlic powder. substitute garlic powder for minced garlic You simply use it in a similar manner as the powder, which makes it the best substitute. Moreover, the lid of this granulated garlic features holes, which makes it very easy to use. The courser texture makes it effortless to smear on your fish and meat meals.


Although happy Belly shares a similar profile with garlic powder, it does not perfectly compare to it. The Happy Belly is less concentrated; therefore, it has less aroma and flavor compared to powder. In addition, it does not work well for meat injection since the granules easily clog the injector. It also takes time to mix evenly unlike the garlic powder

Nutritional breakdown

Happy Belly Granulated Garlic
Amount (per 100 g)% Recommended daily intake
Calories361 kcal17%
Total fat0.4 g0.7%
Saturated fat0 g0%
Carbohydrates74 g27%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Salt29 mg2%
Fiber0 g0%
Vitamin C0 ug0%
Iron0 mg0%
Calcium0 mg0%

Happy Belly Granulated Garlic, nutritional breakdown; Data credit: USDA

3 The 2-Pound Fresh Garlic

Best for: bread, vegetables, soups, spreads, and pasta. 

Fresh GarlicThe 2-Pound Fresh Garlic is grown in the USA, California and it comes in a packaged pack. Moreover, the garlic is very fresh, and it comes with roots so you can plant the cloves. Aside from that, fresh garlic is the natural ingredient of garlic powder. It has a strong natural essence that is original and overwhelming.

Both the fresh and powder garlic can substitutes each other well when it comes to cooking. However, there are differences in usage when it comes to some dishes. You can use fresh garlic in cooking many meals, and it delivers an original flavor that other forms of garlic cannot present.

Fresh garlic also has many nutrients that you cannot find in other garlic forms. Being original and natural, it contains all the possible nutrients that it should contain. You just pill and smash, and your food will feature all those nutrients.


The fresh garlic has a high flavor intensity and concentration than any other garlic form. It also has optimum Amino acids, vitamins, iron, and other nutrients. Unlike fresh garlic, other forms of garlic lose many nutrients and intensity of flavor in the process of processing them.


Unlike other forms of garlic, fresh garlic is not ready for sprinkling and spreading in your meals. You have to peel and smash, which might take a while. Additionally, you cannot use it to season dry ingredients since it does not mix well.

Nutritional breakdown

Fresh garlicAmount (per 100 g)% Recommended daily intake
Saturated Fats0 g0%
Total fat0 g0%
Calories133 kcal6%
Protein7 g14%
Salt33 mg2%
Carbohydrates33 g12%
Iron0 g0%
Vitamin A333 ug42%
Vitamin C4 mg5%
fiber0 mg0%

The 2-Pound Fresh Garlic nutritional breakdown; Data credit: USDA

4 Black Garlic Puree- substitute for garlic powder in recipe

Best for: meats, bread, soups, spreads, sauces, and pasta.

Black Garlic PureeThe black garlic puree is processed and fermented in America. It is very easy to blend this garlic puree with your favorite meals. It is organic, black in color, and it comes in a 7oz jar. It is ideal for gravies, salad dressing, pasta sauces, and many more. It combines the flavor of mild garlic, tamarind, soy, tangy, balsamic, and lots of umami flavor.

The puree is an excellent substitute garlic powder for garlic that can serve people are into fresh garlic aroma but do have time to peel and blend. Like other forms of garlic, the puree is very rich in nutrients and garlic aroma.


The black garlic puree saves you from blending your own garlic, which often takes a lot of time. In addition, you can easily blend Black Puree into your dishes, just like garlic powder. It also mixes well with dry ingredients, and it is easy to spread in fish when you want to.


Unlike other forms of garlic, puree high levels of calories since it features olive oil. This does not go well with people who would love to lose and do not want to add in some weight. Another downside is the fact it does have a long shelf life compared to other garlic forms.

Nutritional breakdown

Garlic pureeAmount (per 100 g)% Recommended daily intake
Calories300 kcal14%
Total fat30 g36%
calcium0 g0%
Protein0 g0%
Salt1050 mg55%
Potassium350 mg9%
Vitamin D40 ug7%
Carbohydrates10 g4%
Fiber10 g36%
Saturated fats0 mg0%

Puree nutritional breakdown; Data credit: USDA

5 Durkee Liquid Garlic

Best for: smoothies, vegetables, meats, spreads, and pasta.

Liquid GarlicThe Durkee Liquid Garlic is a pure product with a flavor that is as close as possible to fresh garlic. It is made of the finest garlic cloves in a frozen state, which ensures the shape of the flakes is well preserved. Moreover, it has a consistent flavor profile and a strong garlic aroma.

You can use this liquid to make many dishes since it is almost stronger than fresh garlic. In addition, this garlic juice is stronger more nutritious than other forms of garlic that you find in the supermarket.


Garlic juice has a stronger flavor than other garlic forms. It is also easy to mix and inject into meat meals using an injector. It also features many health benefits compared to garlic powder.


Garlic juice is not easily available in the supermarket. In addition, since it is as strong as fresh garlic, it causes similar health challenges such as stomach upsets and unpleasant breath.

The bottom line

Garlic powder is an essential ingredient in your dishes since it adds a great flavor and beneficial nutrients. However, having powder substitutes in your kitchen drawers is an added advantage. The substitutes can save you from a boring meal when you run out of your garlic powder, as well as when you want a change.

However, always check to ensure that the substitute you decided to go for has a close profile to the garlic powder. Some forms of garlic lose the strength of aroma during processing.

Top vegan picks

All forms of garlic from liquid garlic to Black puree are vegan. However, one form of garlic can be better at making some dishes than the other. For instance, Happy Vegan granulated does not mix well with dry ingredients like Durke liquid garlic could do.

Top healthy picks

Garlic is very healthy in any form. However, the nutrients and favor lessen in the process of processing the garlic into a different form. The healthiest form of all is fresh garlic since it natural and original. The closer forms to fresh garlic are the Black garlic puree and the Liquid Durkee since they do not have to be dehydrated.

Top convenient picks

The most convenient form of garlic is the Black garlic puree. It saves you time when you want to make a meal since you do not have to mix it. On the other hand, the most inconvenient form is fresh garlic. You will have to go through the hustle of peeling and preparing it before adding it to your dishes.

Nutritional breakdown

Garlic liquidAmount (per 100 ml)% Recommended daily intake
Carbohydrates0 g0%
Total fat0 g0%
Saturated fat0 g0%
Protein40 g78%
Calories0 kcal0%
Salt700 mg37%
potassium0 mg0%
Calcium0 mg0%
Vitamin C0 ug0%
Iron0 mg0%

The Durkee Liquid Garlic nutritional breakdown; Data credit: USDA

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