Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide cooking

When it comes to sous viding, you need to use not-the-regular-cooking-stuff. That’s true even for vacuum sealers. To fully utilize the benefit of Sous Vide cooking, you need to find the best vacuum sealers for sous vide cooking.

You can’t just go for some typical vacuum sealers that don’t have durability. Some sealers can’t even seal the steam and nutrients of the food you’re cooking. For which, it seems tasteless. It doesn’t even take you close to Sous Viding.

To keep all the major features, you need a vacuum sealer to make the sous vide cooking effective, we’ve made our choices.

Recommended Best Pick

FoodSaver FM5200 is a clear favorite in our eyes. This device really has it all. We’ll get more into its impressive features when we review it but let’s just say that is quite an all-rounder.

FoodSaver FM5200

  • With the LED indicator, you’ll have ultimate convenience while working
  • Size is pretty compact, so you can store it almost anywhere
  • Preserves food like a pro
  • Detects moisture automatically

Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking

Why Buy Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous Vide literally means “under vacuum.” It’s hard to imagine doing the process without a vacuum sealer.

Yet many modern chefs have ditched the vacuum sealer for high-quality ziplock bags. But we will not advocate for this new-age BuzzFeed nonsense.

Why are we so dismissive towards this “innovation”? Putting aside the fact that this is an insult to one of French cuisine and you literally need the best immersion cooker to cook with a ziplock bag, it is not nearly as efficient.

Sous vide requires the food to be sealed in such a way that no air whatsoever is present in the bag. This is very difficult to achieve with a ziplock as some air often finds its way inside while sealing it.

This air stops even distribution of the heat throughout the food and so it messes with the main advantage of using Sous Vide: the impressive accuracy of this method.

Along with the decrease in accuracy comes a drastic fall in taste. Why? The low accuracy often makes it hard to cook the food to that perfect temperature which elevates the dish.

Not to mention; a ziplock alone cannot seal the flavors into the food the same way that vacuum sealing does. This is evident when cooking meat as you can taste a clear difference in flavor intensity of marination.

10 Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking

We are finally here. Without further ado, let’s find out what the top contender in the market is. Are you ready? Here we go.

1. FoodSaver FM5200 – Well-rounded

As we mentioned before, this is the best device overall on this list. But you must be wondering; what makes this device stand out so much?

Out of the myriad of reasons, let’s start with a simple one; it is small. The device only occupies dimensions of 17.6 x 9.3 x 9.6 inches. That means you can have a lot of free space on your countertop.

It also provides an excellent preservation method for food as sealed products are said to last 3 years after sealing. That is a sure-shot way to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

The device is consistent, meaning you won’t be getting different seal quality on different bags. It is also compatible with most standard ziplock bags, it is fast too. Few other machines on this list or even on the market can bolster a higher speed stat than this machine.

It is also incredibly easy to use with simple controls and led lights to guide you through the process.

Finally, this vacuum sealer is also quite “smart.’ It has good moisture detection for sealing liquids and a decent automatic bag detection system. Decent is an understatement. It is possibly the best in the market as of writing.

  • Easy-to-use: LED indicators are really helpful
  • Small: The size saves up plenty of counter space
  • Preservation: This device is a pro at preserving food
  • Automatic moisture and bag detection
  • Consistent: Each bag is sealed the same way
  • No automatic sealing

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2. Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef – Affordable

This NutriChef vacuum sealer is the budget option of the list for all of you who are interested in learning sous-vide but don’t want to invest a lot of money in the product. The price compared to the rest of the products really does stand out.

This price is quite a feat. Vacuum sealing is an intricate process and requires a high-quality device, therefore its components and making cost can run up quite the tab. NutriChef’s price is astonishing.

This device is also super easy to use. It just has two modes; moist and dry. The moist mode is used to seal up wet food such as heavily sauced pasta or poached salmon and the dry mode for uncooked food. You’ll usually only need the dry mode for sous vide.

There is also an included starter kit with wine stopper cork, 5 medium bags of dimensions 78” x 118” and one extra-long vacuum bag roll of dimensions 78” x 790” The bags are reusable and waterproof which comes in super handy for Sous Vide.

Lastly, this device has a decent speed. It is not astonishingly fast, but it does suffice when it comes to sealing. This can’t rival most other entries on this list but it’s good speed nonetheless.

  • Easy-to-use: the two modes are simple to understand and easy to switch
  • Handy starter kit included: The bags are super useful and discourage waste
  • Decent speed: This device isn’t too slow to work with.
  • Cheap: A bargain if we’ve ever seen one
  • No automatic bag detection
  • No moisture detection

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3. GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine – Easy-to-clean

This is the best Geryon vacuum sealer on the market by quite some distance and for good reason too. The features on this vacuum sealer are no short of killer.

Let’s start with the price. Is it as impressive as our previous entry? No, NutriChef has really priced their goods at an unmatchable level. But Geryon does a job trying to match with, dare we say it, a value champion.

This vacuum sealer is fast. Much faster than Nutrichef and almost as fast as Foodsaver. This speed is more than enough for most household chefs. It may be a little too slow for professionals and impatient chefs, however.

This device is also quite stylish, the sleek silver design really does elevate your kitchen decor quite a bit. We recommend getting this simply down to the style aspect, but it has one more unique selling point.

GERYON has made this vacuum sealer detachable, meaning that it is super easy to clean and less likely to get jammed and hamper the overall efficiency of the process.

  • Easy-to-clean: The cleanup process is super simple and easy.
  • Stylish: few products can rival it in aesthetics
  • Fast: Not as fast as FoodSaver but still quite capable
  • Good value: It more than delivers for the price you pay
  • No bag detection
  • No smart moisture detection

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4. Weston Pro-2300- Fast and Durable

The Weston Pro-23000 has pro in its name. It would be embarrassing if it wasn’t heavy-duty. This is the perfect device for industrial and commercial use.

What do we mean by that? This device is good enough to be used at restaurants where you need to complete multiple orders that require you use the Sous Vide process.

What makes it fit for that purpose? Its speed, durability, and versatility. This little boy right here is fast and that’s what it’s famous for. You need it to complete multiple sealings at lightning speed to be put in commercial use.

Believe it or not; it is also super easy to use. This adds to its already astonishing speed as vacuum sealing is literally done at the push of a button.

Its durability means that you don’t need to buy a new vacuum sealer every few weeks because the one you were using died out due to overuse.

This device works on any size of food as it is quite large. It can process larger cuts of meat that would usually need to be cut up for the other vacuum sealers on this list.

  • Fast: This is the fastest on the list
  • Easy-to-use: Literally only takes the click of a button
  • Durable: will last for ages
  • Versatile: Can be used for multiple sizes
  • Expensive
  • Large: takes up a lot of counter space

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5. NESCO VS-12- Accurate

From the extreme to the delicate, this device is perfect for use in intricate and complicated processes. This device also serves a niche, and it definitely serves it very well.

NESCO decided to prioritize accuracy over speed as it may be slow, a lot slower than all the other devices on this list, but its accuracy and precision are off the charts.

This is the best device for soft foods as the controllable air pressure (switching between normal and gentle mode) makes it possible to vacuum delicate dry food without crushing it. What would be an example of this delicate food? A cake or lasagna, perhaps.

It is very easy to use with 3 sealing modes: dry, moist, and double. The dry and moist settings serve similar purposes to that of the NutriChef, but it provides much higher accuracy.

Like a lot of our previous entries, this device also comes with a helpful starter kit that will help you kick start your culinary journey.

  • Accurate: this is the most accurate product on this list as it can deal with delicate foods like a champ
  • Easy to use: this device is insanely easy to use considering the accuracy and customizability it provides
  • Helpful starter kit
  • Slow: this device is painfully slow compared to some on this list. That accuracy comes at a price
  • No smart features such as bag detection, moisture detection, and automatic bag sealing

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6. Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 – Simple

This is easily the best Anova vacuum sealer on the market right now. That is a bold claim as Anova is one of the top companies when it comes to culinary gadgets. This device is an example of their great vision and experience.

This device is the simplest on this list. In fact, we can call it the epitome of simplicity. Too much? Yea, we figured. Nonetheless, this is quite the device as it is literally unrivaled when it comes to ease of use.

There are only three buttons on this list. That’s right. There is no other device on this list that can make that claim honestly. You can Sous Vide at the click of a button, and there’s no way you’d get confused about which button it is.

This simplicity gives it a beautiful look. The black device looks so stylish and elegant without even trying. Don’t let dust gather over it, and you have an item that jazzes up your kitchen like no other.

Lastly, this device is also really quaint (again, thanks to its simplicity). You can put it on your counter, and you won’t even know that it is there with dimensions as slim as 16.73 x 4.8 x 3.14 inches. If that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is.

  • Easy-to-use: the three-button system is hard to confuse unless you’re really trying to
  • Stylish: This device is stunning and might just be the best looker in this entire list
  • Small: Just like FoodSaver FM5200, this vacuum sealer barely takes up any space
  • No automatic bag detection, bag sealing, or moisture detection
  • Not very versatile

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7. VacMaster VP220 – Customizable

VacMaster is a pretty great brand when it comes to vacuum sealing. I mean, it’s in the name. In fact, a lot of their other products almost made the list. But this device takes the cake specifically for its unique method of vacuum sealing: It is a chamber vacuum sealer.

For those of you who don’t know what that means, this vacuum sealer is very different from traditional vacuum sealers or channel sealers as they are more commonly known. Channel sealers simply seal one end of the bag at a time by sucking out the air. This device does a lot more.

As the name suggests, it puts the device in a chamber where you can control the amount of air entering the bag and the amount exiting the bag. This feature allows unrivaled customizability on each bag and, therefore, the choice of most professional chefs.

Along with the customizability, it is also easier to cook liquid in this chamber as spillages are more unlikely, and the air control allows the liquid to become too aerated.

Lastly, the food vacuum-sealed lasts absolutely ages as the amount of air can be controlled. Therefore, you can put in just the right amount of air to obtain maximum storage capacity on any food.

  • Customizability: This is unrivaled by the other products on the list
  • Accuracy: the amount of air can allow for more accurate cooking
  • Long-lasting: food preservation is piece of cake with this device
  • Liquids: Much easy in a chamber
  • No automatic detection service or bag packing
  • Large: takes up a lot of space

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8. FoodSaver V4840 – Moisture detection

FoodSaver is all you are going to see for a while now. We finish off the list with 3 very similar FoodSaver products, each specializing in a category. Unlike the FM5200, these do not offer great services in all aspects but do suffice pretty well when it comes to their area of focus.

V4840 is a master of moisture detection. No other device on this list has better moisture detection. This makes it the perfect vacuum sealer for liquids or wet foods as it stops spillages and keeps the air at a minimum and efficient amount to cook the liquids quickly and properly.

Just like FM5200, you can preserve the meat in it for 3 years and you’ll still find it fresh and tasty. Yep, NO KIDDING!

Again, consistency is not a problem here either, as FoodSaver seems to have found the perfect formula when it comes to delivering the same quality over and over again.

This also has bag detection, but it isn’t as impressive as one of the upcoming products; however, it still does a brilliant job. Again, this device also works with most standard types of ziplock bags without much trouble

  • Moisture detection: This device provides a level of moisture detection that cannot be matched. Period
  • Automatic bag detection: Decent but nothing to write home about
  • Consistent: Deliver the same quality without fail
  • Long-term freshness: Goods last up to 3 years
  • Compatible: Works with any standard bag
  • No automatic bag sealing

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9. FoodSaver VS0160 – Smallest

It can be called the vacuum sealer for beginners. This device is incredibly easy to use. Again, it does not have all the features provided by the FM5200, but it is FoodSaver’s answer to Anova for simplicity.

Let’s start off with the looks, and boy is it pretty! This does give Anova quite the tough fight for first place in terms of aesthetics as it looks elegant and classy at the same time. The white really brightens up the look and, again, adds an edge to your kitchen decor.

The product also barely takes up any space as it is even more compact than Anova’s product with the 15.94 x 6.16 x 2.71inches dimensions. This small size adds to its already impressive aesthetic. In fact, it can be stored vertically. How cool is that?

Lastly and most importantly, it is incredibly easy to use with easy-to-understand and uses custom settings of dry and moist. Again, these modes are similar to that of any other product.

The longevity of food and consistency is similar to all of its brethren and the compatibility is also sufficient here.

  • Small: This is the smallest device on this list
  • Stylish: It is really pretty
  • Consistent: same quality on each seal
  • Long-term freshness: Food lasts pretty long once sealed
  • Compatible: Works with any standard bag
  • No automatic bag sealing
  • No smart features such as bag detection

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10. Foodsaver V4400 2-in-1 – Consistent

Last but not least, we have V4400. This one we were talking about when it came to automatic bag detection. It is like a police hound when it comes to recognizing the bag. The speed and efficiency when it comes to this aspect of this product are downright scary.

But believe it or not, that is not its main feature but let’s build-up to it a bit. ( You probably already know from the title.

The product follows the trends of all Foodsaver vacuum sealers. This is compatible with all bags, and it guarantees long-term freshness. It is also quite easy-to-use with LED indicators and a single mode of action.

Ok, we are finally here. The last feature of the last product. Drumroll, please. This product is and will always be the master of consistency.

Yes, we end off with a bang. This product literally does not put a foot out of line. Every single seal is literally the same, and we can vouch for it (not literally, but you get the point.) This device is as reliable as they come.

  • Easy to use: only one mode
  • Consistent: Never disappoints. Every single seal is the exact same
  • Excellent bag detection: Best in the market
  • Long-term freshness: As with all Foodsaver sealers, any sealed product lasts an impressive amount of time
  • Compatible: again, it works with all bags
  • No automatic bag sealing
  • Bulky: It takes up a lot of space and looks very unimpressive — almost like a printer.

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What to Look for Before Buying?

There are a few criteria that your vacuum sealer needs to meet in order to be the perfect vacuum sealer machine for you. We will take a look at the features that make or break a device for you. Here’s a short buying guide for you:

Manual, Channel, or Chamber?
To pick out the vacuum sealer fitted for your purpose, you need to identify what type of vacuum sealer you need.

First off, let’s discuss a type of sealer you won’t find on our list — the portable manual hand pump vacuum sealers. The reason why we omitted these devices from our list is that they are simply outdated. Unless you’re Amish or something, we highly recommend against getting these

As a sharp contrast, channel vacuum sealers are the go-to device for convenience. All you need to do is insert the bag into the device, and it sucks out the air in no time whatsoever.

A chamber vacuum sealer is best for temperature control as you can control the amount of air entering and leaving the bag. These devices are perfect for pros as it allows an unmatchable level of customizability.


Now that you know what type of vacuum sealer you want, you can move on to the next criteria; the producer of the vacuum sealer.

We have several brands on our list, but as with most electronics, bigger brands are almost guaranteed to deliver. Smaller brands may deliver, too, but the quality assurance is rare in these cases.

ANOVA, Geryon, Nutrichef, FoodVac, and Weston are all credible picks, according to us, but FoodSaver is an undisputed GOAT when it comes to credibility.

Vacuum Power

This is an interesting feature to look out for and a pretty obvious one as well. Of course, you don’t want a weak device, but you also need to avoid those with a lot of power; otherwise, we’d just use a vacuum cleaner.

No, but seriously we aren’t looking for a proton pack. If you don’t get that reference, go and watch Ghostbusters. You will not regret it.

Anyway, we need a perfect suction amount so that the device doesn’t suck your food or fail to seal it perfectly. Most vacuum sealers are in this ballpark. At least those on our list are.

More powerful vacuum sealers obviously work faster, so you want to find the strongest vacuum within a reasonable range.


It’s a no-brainer: smaller vacuum sealers are easier to carry around while larger ones usually stay put on the counter.

If you are looking for portability, look for the lighter devices on this list. You can find an outlet almost anywhere in the world nowadays so that shouldn’t be a problem. And you obviously won’t be trying Sous Vide on a camping trip, will you?

Compatibility with Different Bags

Lastly, we recommend looking at whether or not the vacuum sealer you are thinking about buying is compatible with the ziplock bags you have at home, as some sealers work on specific types of bags.

How to Use a Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide?

Now that you’ve picked out the best vacuum sealer for sous vide let’s finally learn how to use it for cooking. We’ve divided it into super easy steps for your convenience.

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients
We start off easy. It’s time to gather all your ingredients, or as the French like to call it, “mise en place.”

Step 2: Put Them in a Bag
Again, super simple. Put the food in the ziplock bag that you will be using for the process. (Look for a food-safe one, please.)

Step 3: Heat the Water
Is Sous Vide easy or what? The third step is as simple as boiling the water to the desired temperature or, as per the recipe, use a food thermometer for this process.

Step 4: Sealing Time
Use the machine you bought to good use. Seal up the bag so that no air is present in it at all. The instruction manual should highlight the way to do this quite clearly. It’s usually as simple as clicking a button.

Step 5: Voila
Put the bag in the water bath and wait. Take out the food, and that’s it. You’re done. Yes, it’s that easy. Just watch the temperature and timings, and you’re golden. You shouldn’t mess it up unless you’re Jamie Oliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer a few common questions when it comes to vacuum sealers and the sous vide process.

1. Can I Sous Vide liquids?
Yes but there’s a trick to it. You directly try to sous vide a liquid, but you really need to find the perfect portion as it can spill and cause a disaster. We recommend freezing it beforehand as it simplifies the process.

2. Should I use bags or rolls?
Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Mac or Windows? Apple or Android? Like in all these famous battles, there is no clear victor.

3. How long can I store vacuum-sealed food?
This entirely depends on the vacuum sealer and the food in question. If keeping food stored is your priority, we suggest you look for the best vacuum sealer for long term food storage. Once vacuum-sealed, food usually lasts a much longer time.

4. How can I tell the power of a vacuum sealer?
Well, this needs a bit of detective work. Companies don’t mention their vacuum power. The way to find this out is by reading customer reviews.

5. Is Sous Vide safe?
Yes. Just as safe as any other method of cooking as long as you take the necessary precautions.

Final Words

That was pretty much everything on the best vacuum sealers for sous vide cooking. Obviously, we’ve made our choice, and it’s the FoodSaver FM5200. However, if you think about budget, the Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef isn’t bad either. So, take your pick and start sous vide cooking to taste good food.

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