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If you love camping or you are an outdoor enthusiast, then a pocket knife will help you in many situations. And regardless of the one you pick, it’s good to accompany it with a good knife sharpener that’ll ensure they remain sharper and rust-free at all times.

But when we think of knife sharpeners, you’ll imagine having some honing rods or big blocks, but wait, there are many compact and portable options out there for outdoor enthusiasts. And no one will even notice you own a knife sharpener until that time when you remove it to instantly convert the dull knife into a sharper one for carrying some cutting tasks.

1 TANSUNG 3-stage Knife and Scissor best knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 1If you’re looking for the best pocket knife sharpener, then you’ll never go wrong with the Tansung 3-stage Knife and Scissor sharpener. It’s compatible with all scissors and knives and whether you have a fillet knife, chef’s knife, and others, it’s available in different sizes. And when you’re looking for the best scissors and knives companion in the kitchen, then this tool is your best match but avoid using it with ceramic knives.

It’s built with a 14-24°angle adjustment that enables you to set the correct blade angles for sharpening knives of different thickness, edges, and size. And what’s more, it has an ergonomic handle plus a non-slip cushion that ensures it maintains higher and stable performance. Additionally, it’s ideal for beginners due to its ease of use and enhanced stability. You’ll also get the best grip and is packaged in a box, therefore, making it the best gift for a parent, friends, or your spouse.
best pocket knife sharpener 1 Set

  • Adjustable angle feature makes it ideal for use with different types of blade edges
  • It comes with a non-slip cushion that enhances its performance
  • Has a comfortable handle and top-quality construction
  • Removes a large amount of steel

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2 Sharpal Pocket Knife and Garden Tool Sharpener chef’s choice knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 2Well, if you’re looking for a multifunction sharpener and you love venturing outdoors then Sharpen work sharp knife sharpener is your perfect choice. It comes with six functions, and they include ceramic blades, a fire starter, a special fish hook sharpening groove, and a whistle. What’s more, its abrasive materials have been tested multiple times and comes with a hole which can be easily attached to any keychain.

It also comes with a fire starter accessory that is easy to use and has sharpening instructions ideal for beginners. And with the high-pitch whistle, you’ll have the perfect companion while venturing into the forests and mountains. Finally, it’s very affordable and doesn’t break your bank.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Smoothens and sharpens the blades’ edges well
  • It comes in a beautiful gift box
  • The sharpening instructions are not visible enough

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3 Sharpal 101N-6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener- sharpens best knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 3Well, if you want to enjoy an adventure in the wilderness, then it’s essential to get prepared well. And you’ll easily do so with this tool that will sharpen different types of blades in your possession. And whether you have some gut or fish hooks, this is your best companion during your fishing expeditions. It also features both tungsten and ceramic blades which increases your flexibility while sharpening. It’s also very compact, enabling you to hone your blade’s edges to perfection.

Finally, it comes with a whistle and fire starter, and if you’re venturing in the wilderness, then the whistle will help catch other campers’ attention. In contrast, fire is ideal for emergencies—finally, it’s available in bright orange color, making it easier to locate during your camping trips.
best pocket knife sharpener 3 Set

  • It’s easy to use making it ideal for beginners
  • Has ceramic and tungsten carbide blades to increase flexibility when sharpening
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Sharpening is quite time-consuming

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4 Victorinox VN43323 Fixed Blade best portable knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 4Rated #4 in our review, this Victorinox’s knife sharpener model is one of the best products in the market. It’s manufactured in Germany and is compact, has a minimalist design, and performs exceptionally well in making the dull blades in your possession sharper. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the uncompleted tasks and are designed with a grinding stone and ceramic notch that is compactly fitted, making it more portable. Besides, it can easily fit into your bag or pocket, making it ideal for traveling.

And if you own straight-edged blades, then you’ll get the perfect results with this tool. Also, it has an oval rod plus a ceramic V-groove that is enclosed in its housing. The grinding stone helps in sharpening the worn-out knives while the ceramic part is for sharpening the normal blades.

  • Ideal for cleaning up nicked edges
  • Works well and only requires a few passes
  • Comes with a good design for small blades sharpening
  • The clips are not strong enough

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5 Sharpal 179N-5-In-1 Broadhead Sharpener diamond knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 5If you’re looking for a multifunctional pocket knife, then you’ll never go wrong with this model. It has a broadhead sharpener that helps in sharpening your knives, swords, and other types of blades. They have been tested for over 1000 ties to ensure they remain durable and serve you longer while making your blades sharper to perfection. It’s ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and archers since it can fit into any blade.

Besides, the handle is made with anodized aluminum that has the perfect texture to give you a comfortable grip when using the tool. It’s also lightweight, and you won’t tire quickly when using the tool.
best pocket knife sharpener 5 Set

  • The fletching stripper does not dig into your arrow shafts
  • Great for both home and field use
  • Provides exceptional build quality and works well
  • It’s quite pricey

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6 Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener- manual knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 6Well, if you’re looking for one of the best Germany-made Best Pocket Knife Sharpener in 2020, then I’ll recommend this Work Sharp’s model. It is sturdy, compact, and comes with a notch for sharpening your fishing hooks. And looking at this tool, it’s also quite portable and can easily fit into your bag or pocket when you’re traveling.

Work Hard products are made with the best quality in mind, and this is no different. Here, you can sharpen your hunting, fishing, or even kitchen blades with one tool that offers exceptional results. Best manual knife sharpener Finally, despite its quality, it’s not pricey, and you’ll get the quality you desire in one pack.

  • Sturdy unit with many useful features
  • Small enough to carry in your backpack
  • Portable and comes with sharpening instructions
  • It doesn’t come with a case

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7 Amesser Knife Sharpener Honing Steel Sharpening- best hunting knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 7Buying a sharpener that works with different varieties of knives is good altogether, as you’ll end up saving your money in the long end. And this Amesser’s knife design is made using carbon steel and will give the dull and old knives a fresh breath of life. The total length of the tool is 15.3 inches which are lengthier enough to give your blades a proper sharpening and to align them to shape in a short time.

Also, it comes with an ergonomic handle that has a safety guard to ensure you have the perfect grip that prevents slipping of the tool while it’s in your hand its the best knife sharpener for kitchen knives. What’s more, it’s ideal for both left and right-handed users and is easy to clean. It also contains a ring at its handle for the easier hanging of the tool and has sharpening instructions that’ll enable you to be a master at the game.

  • It’s easy to use and performs exceptionally
  • It is quite affordable
  • The steel is beautiful, ergonomic, and lightweight
  • Super easy to hold
  • It’s not ideal for people with carpal tunnel

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8 Lansky QuadSharp QSHARP whetstone knife sharpener

best pocket knife sharpener 8It’s hard to ignore small pocket sharpeners that have multiple applications and are practical for different users. And this Lansky product is ideal for different types of knives from filter knives to bowie knives and even general ones; it works well with all. Well, and it’s the most versatile knife sharpener in our review with four sharpening angles that will just fit any knife; best professional knife sharpener how amazing is it?

And besides, the package includes a ceramic bench stone for finishing off the edges, and therefore, you don’t have to carry many sharpening tools for use with various blades after purchasing it. Also, it is extremely portable, making it ideal for hunting, camping, fishing, or other outdoor activities that require you to use a knife.

  • Very sturdy
  • Its color makes it easy to locate it in the field
  • Excellent results with a few passes
  • It’s quite bulky

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9 Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener The Best Knife Sharpener for you

best pocket knife sharpener 9Work Sharp best knife sharpener for pocket knives is one of the entry-level products in the brand’s products. It offers two features for sharpening, and they’re a diamond abrasive that coarse for grinding away imperfections by removing the chips. And with a 320 grit rating, you know what we are talking about; the company suggests sharpening it ten times to remove the dullness or the worn-out blades.

There is also a ceramic rod in its top edge which you can use to clean up for honing the slightly dull edges or cleaning them after using this best knife sharpener stone. Overall, this tool is very useful, doesn’t remove much steel, and is gentle with various blades.

  • It is durable and lightweight
  • Has guides on its sharpening surfaces to ensure the best accuracy
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • Since diamond is very abrasive, you should use it only lightly

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10 Sharpal 112N 3-in-1 Knife Axe Hatchet Machete knife sharpener reviews

best pocket knife sharpener 10Though it’s the last sharpener in our review, the Sharpal 112N 3-in-1 tool comes with a large handle to increase your efficiency and allow you to wear gloves when the need arises best hand knife sharpener. It has a rubber coating that enhances your safety, and you can use it to sharpen the axe, dull knives, machete, scissors, and more.

So, do you need a sharpener for your Fiskar axe and scissors? Well, get this sharpener as it works quite well. Also, it works well with heavy-duty scissors, Swiss Army Knives, and your chefs choice knife sharpener. And as you grind it slowly, the dullness slowly disappears, and your blade will become sharper quickly to the highest levels. It’s also fun to use and is the best product when you’re on a budget.

  • Very easy to use
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • It’s effective at sharpening your blades’ edges
  • It fits well in the hand
  • Doesn’t work well with swords

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Best Pocket Knife Sharpener & Sharpening System

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Best Knife Sharpener

Since there are many knife sharpeners in the market, they can overwhelm you in terms of choices, making it harder to get the right pick. Therefore, consider the things below to enable you to make the right decision in the market:

1. Size and Weight

It would help if you choose a portable and lightweight pocket knife since it’ll be easier to take it to different places. And since you’re probably buying your pocket knives for use in camping, hunting, etc. it’s necessary to get a sharpener that you can easily pocket and carry to the forest.

Also, it should be lightweight to ensure it remains portable and even holds it in your hands for long without getting tiring.

2. Quality

Though most pocket knives are affordable, it’s vital to ensure you buy only the best quality. They should be sturdy, have a metal construction to ensure they last for long without damage. Get those with ceramic blades, carbide blades, and diamond rods as they are of the best quality.

3. Multifunction

Also, the pocket knife sharpener should be flexible so that you don’t have to buy several sharpeners for different knives. Ensure it works with hooks, serrations, and edges well and extra accessories like whistles or fire starters will make it more attractive.

The best knife sharpener ensures your knife remains in optimum condition but choosing the right one can be a daunting task. And since blunt blades can easily slip causing scrapes and cuts, it’s ideal to choose the best model to ensure you’re always in the right direction. So, choose your ideal tool from the best knife sharpeners in 2020 and enjoy making your dull or worn out plates sharper.

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