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If you love cooking delicious meals in your home, then you must know the value of olive oil. It’s an essential ingredient for most delicious recipes. To ensure better handling of this ingredient, you’ll need some best olive oil dispensers. Get a glass, stainless steel, and one with a tight-fitting spout.

Without a dispenser, you’ll find it hard to measure the right amount of olive oil to put into your food, and have many hard-to-clean oil-soaked bottles in your kitchen. An oil dispenser makes it easier to control the amount of oil you are using and protect it from spilling and contamination.

But note that there are many types of oil dispensers in the market. Therefore, getting the right choice can be a daunting task. Well, if you just thought that oil dispensers are for Italian restaurants only, then you are wrong, and you’ll not miss your favorite dispenser from our top options below.

The Top 10 best olive oil dispensers

1 Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Dispenser Set

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 1Highlighted Features

  • The collapsible funnel makes it easier to pour the oil
  • Comes with four spout seals to prevent spilling
  • It has a high capacity of 17oz
  • Has a steel rack for organizing and storing it.

If you are looking for a stainless steel olive oil dispenser in the market, then you’ll never go wrong with the Zeppoli product. The bottles come in a transparent design to enable you to check the amount of remaining liquid inside. Besides, you’ll be able to see the amount of liquid you’re pouring. It also comes with dual spouts to enable you to store various types of sauces and oils. And the package comes with two bottles plus a wire rack for holding both bottles in the table or countertop.

From our analysis of various oil dispensers, none could beat this oil dispenser as it also comes with a 17oz capacity that prevents the need to refill regularly. What’s more, the bottles are made of premium quality glass materials. All materials are also free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, making it safer for your health. Finally, it has an elegant design and decently priced.

  • Gives your kitchen a classy look
  • It is BPA free
  • Dual-spout design enables you to adjust the amount of oil to use
  • High-capacity bottles prevent the need for regular refills.
  • Has no stopper for controlling oil
  • Has a larger size hole in the vinegar bottle

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2 EHomeA2Z Italian Olive Oil and vinegar dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 2Highlighted Features

  • Drop-free spout enables you to adjust pouring
  • Durable and convenient for kitchen use
  • Sturdy design and easy to hold the neck

The EHomeA2Z Italian is a white olive oil dispenser for those who want to cook healthier by reducing the amount of oil they use at home. Their ergonomic design gives them a perfect grip, while its stainless steel material and elegant style give you enhanced control over the oil flow. Besides, the glasses are made from high-quality materials and are sealed tightly to prevent other substances from contaminating the flavor or smell of the oil. The tight sealing in the dispenser also prevents drips, spills, and keeps dust out of the bottle.

  • It is quite affordable
  • Its rubber top secures well and is easy to remove it
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has a poor quality cap

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3 Aozita 17oz Olive Oil bottle dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 3Highlighted Features

  • Spout stoppers for easy dispensing of oil
  • Sealed cap and flap cap keeps dust away from the bottle
  • Dark brown glass protects the oil from strong sunlight

The Aozita 17oz Glass Olive oil dispenser comes with one bottle, a stainless steel funnel, two pour-spouts, a black sealed top, and an inner cork. One pour-spout has a flip-cap while the other has a dust-cap to protect the contents of the bottle from dust.

Besides, the bottles are manufactured from anti-oxidation glass to keep the olive oil fresh and safer by protecting it from strong sunlight. The stainless steel funnel has a beautiful design, which makes it easy to fill or refill the bottle without getting ant spills. On the other hand, its slim spouts minimize olive oil usage while keeping the dust and bugs out.

  • Spreads the oil well
  • Easy to adjust the amount of oil pouring out
  • Has an elegant design
  • It is small-sized and therefore doesn’t hold much oil

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4 ELETON Olive oil dispenser- small olive oil dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 4Highlighted Features

  • Included cleaning bristle to make the cleaning of bottles easier
  • Unique pour spout design for the perfect pours
  • The dishwasher is safe and looks good on the table
  • Can hold up to 8 ounces

Eleton’s olive oil dispenser is one of the best bottles for professional use in the market. It comes in a distinct innovative collared design to ensure there are no messes or spills when pouring out the oil. Its design is that of the boiling flask common in high school labs and its design is similar to the classic rust. The bottles are made from glass and are safe for dishwashing.

What’s more, the glass has a capacity of 8 ounces,’ and you can choose higher capacity dispensers based on your needs. Overall, this dispenser is functional and is the ideal addition to any modern kitchen.

  • It is ergonomic and easy to pour the oil from it
  • Has a precise flow
  • Has a thicker and high-quality glass
  • The spout is quite small and is therefore slow when pouring

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5 ELETON Cylindrical Olive oil dispenser- small olive oil dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 5Highlighted Features

  • Made from high-temperature resistant glass
  • It can hold up to 8 ounces
  • Looks beautiful on tables and counters

If you want to feature class and elegance into your kitchen, then I’ll recommend the Eleton cylindrical oil dispenser. This lovely dispenser looks very beautiful on your kitchen counter and countertop. It has a uniquely designed spout to give you the most accurate pours while the built-in collar helps to collect the extra oil to prevent messy oil on your table.

Finally, it has a long neck that ensures perfect pouring while its drip-less spout makes it easier to drizzle your olive oil directly to soups, salads, or pasta. It’s the ideal gift for any loved one on any occasion.

  • Its collar harvests the extra oil
  • It is safe for use with dishwashers
  • Its transparent bottle leads to more sunlight exposure

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6 Rachael Ray 47519 Ceramics best olive oil dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 6Highlighted Features

  • Built-in handle for a firmer grip when pouring out oil
  • Unique spout for pouring perfect amount of olive oil
  • Dishwasher safe

Rachael Ray is one of the top celebrities in the food industry. This brand is famous for its cookware, and the 45719 ceramic olive oil dispenser is one of its popular signature products. This oil dispenser is stylish, well-made, and works well than similar models in the market.

It is inspired by comfort and coziness, and the resulting product is ergonomic, attractive, and elegant addition to any dining room. Besides its good looks, it provides maximum protection to olive oil with its opaque materials that protect against strong sunlight. Finally, it has a large capacity of 24 ounces, which prevents the need to refill the bottle regularly.

  • Has a beautiful turquoise color and best size
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to hold and dispense
  • The oil leaks from the pour spot lid

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7 Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser- olive oil glass dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 7Highlighted Features

  • It gives you maximum control when over-pouring oil
  • Has a large capacity of 17 oz
  • It does not drop after use

If you are a professional cook, then I’ll recommend this unique olive oil dispenser is best for you. It has the best features, functionality, and construction to deliver excellent results for your business. That is, it regulates the amount of oil with its mini cup that has measuring labels and a silicon pump for controlling portions; therefore, you’ll easily calculate the amount of oil you need, and there will be fewer chances of spillages.

Finally, it can hold other types of oils and sauces and is dishwasher safe.

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 7 Set Pic

  • The dispenser is easy to install
  • Made of durable glass
  • Easy to clean
  • The contents can become damaged when exposed to sunlight

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8 Chef’s Planet Large Glass Cruet 8-ounce olive oil dispenser bottle

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 8Highlighted Features

  • Holds up to 8 ounces
  • Manufactured from durable borosilicate glass
  • It’s safe for dishwashers

Rated #8 in our review, olive oil bottle dispenser is one of the top models by Chef’s plant. This beautiful bottle is available in four different sizes, meaning you will get a size that suits your needs. Besides, the glass is made from quality borosilicate that is break-resistant and will remain durable for a long time. Also, its unique anti-drop pouring spout is ideal for drizzling oil on mains, pasta, and salads. Finally, you’ll love its beautiful design as it will beautify your table or countertop.

  • It’s available in multiple sizes
  • Easy to clean when not in use
  • Manufactured from high-quality and durable materials
  • The pouring small is quite small, making it unideal for heavy oil users.

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9 CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil Dispenser- olive oil vinegar dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 9Highlighted Features

  • Premium, high-quality and elegant materials
  • The clog-free design makes it easier to add oil to any dish
  • Made for versatile uses

Though it’s one of the last products in our review, ChefVantage metal olive oil dispenser remains favorite to many. It has a modern look complete with stainless steel shell and a glass case. This protects your oil for quite a long time while preventing it from going bad. Besides, it comes with excellent flow control and non-drip spout to enable you to pour the liquid quickly to your sauce. And it’s also easy to clean based on its simple design.

  • It is highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • It preserves olive oil quite well
  • Not ideal for storing lighter oils as they can leak

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10 TableCraft H931 Siena Oil Dispenser- olive oil glass bottle dispenser

Best Olive Oil Dispenser 10Highlighted Features

  • Non-dripping spout for better control of the flow
  • It’s multifunctional
  • Premium and high-quality build materials

TableCraft oil large olive oil dispenser comes with measurements that’ll help you when serving. It has a classic design combined with precise measurements that’ll help you when cooking. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about too little or much olive oil. Besides, it’s multifunctional and can work with both lighter and thicker oils. Finally, it’s highly functional has the best design, and though it’s quite costly, it’s worth the price.

  • Has measurement markings
  • Good flow
  • Elegant and functional design

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    How to Choose the Best Olive Oil Dispensers

    Since there are many similar products in the market now, you should consider the following factors to get the right oil dispenser for your use:

    best olive oil dispenser Long Pic 1Type 

    Glass dispensers are the most favorite type of dispenser as they’re transparent, therefore enabling you to check the amount and freshness of the remaining oil. Some of their parts may be made from plastic or stainless steel. However, they’re fragile and should be handled with proper care. Stainless steel dispensers are another popular option as they’re durable, sturdy, and a practical solution for most people. But they’re opaque and thick, making it hard to check its contents.


    The design of your spout is crucial as it’ll determine if your oil will remain fresh or not. Go for a dispenser with a dust cap or the spout so that air doesn’t enter it and oxidize your olive oil affecting its smell and dust.


    Buy the olive oil dispenser that will match your kitchen’s aesthetics. Luckily, there is an assortment of olive oil dispensers’ styles and colors in the market. Therefore, getting the ideal one is not a huge challenge.


    It’s best to get the best olive oil dispensers bottles with high capacity based on your frequency of use. For instance, if you use less olive oil, then go for a smaller capacity, but if you use much, then go for a high-capacity one.

    Getting the best olive oil on the market is easier with the right guide and a choice of products. These products on our list feature the best design, ease of use, design, and functionality to enable you to store and add olive oil to recipes more conveniently.

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