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10 Best MWF Water Filters For 2021

Best MWF Water Filters

You cannot give the best thing to your body more than clean water. Water is the primary constituent of the human body, and no one wants to compromise the quality of the water. Moreover, if you have any skin issues or if you have any stomach disorder, the first thing you need is the Best MWF Water filters.

These water filters are compatible with a GE refrigerator and ensure the supply of safe and clean water. As we know that, refrigerator water has a quality that we can trust. So to make the quality better, people look for the Best MWF Water filters. Furthermore
But as we know, many brands do false advertising and make us fool.

These things are acceptable for any kind of accessory. However, for drinking safe water, you cannot compromise the standards of clean and safe water. So to prevent you from all the hassle, we have researched for 10 best MWF Water filters. These water filters are the choice if you want to drink healthy water.

Here we will look at a detailed review of all the MWF Water filters for 2021. Without any delay, let’s start…

Our Best Recommendation- and why do we like those?

Here is the list of the 3 Best MWF Water filters


Best ValueGeneral Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter: twist and lock design & NSF certifiedequipped with a twist and lock design, NSF certified, 300-gallons capacity, high-quality carbon filter usedCheck Best Price

Easy installation, made in the USA, advanced carbon filters, 300-gallons capacityCheck On Amazon

certified by NSF42 and NSF 373, provides 360-degree maximum protection- Check On Amazon

What is an inline water filter, and how is it work?

Inline filters are effective and affordable water filters whose primary purpose is to remove sediments from refrigerator water. You can install an inline water filter in your refrigerator for the production of healthy water and ice.

If we talk about how an inline water filter works, then here is the answer. Inline water filters work with a water supply. The water filter becomes part of a water supply. You can install it in your refrigerator’s main water supply or any water supply of your home. When water passes through the filter, it will go through a filtration process.

The water filter will remove all kinds of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, metals, all lead, or chlorine particles. Moreover, these filters reduce the odor and enhance the smell of the water.

1. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter: NSF certified & affordable

For the sake of your and the health of your loved ones, general electric provides you best MWF water filters. GE provides an MWF refrigerator water filter that is certified by NSF (national science foundation). It is a series of smart water filtrations by GE companies.

After serving the GWF model here, we have the latest version of that, providing you with healthy and contamination-free water for you and your family. The water filter reduces contamination such as toxaphene, mercury, carbofuran, p-dichlorobenzene, lead, benzene, etc.

This MWF water filter will help you to provide a healthier lifestyle for yourself, and you’re loved once. You can set it in any corner of your kitchen or outside of the kitchen. You can also adjust it under the counter. Another important thing that you should keep in your mind is the replacement of the filter.

It would be best if you had to replace your filter after six months. Replacement of the filter is to ensure that you are out of danger and keep going with your healthy lifestyle.

Product features:

  • Water filters are easily compatible with the bottom freezer side by side refrigerator.
  • It is certified for eliminate15 contaminations. Some of the primary contaminants are mercury, lead, p-dichlorobenzene, carbofuran, etc.
  • Tools free filters can easily twist and lock to provide you a mess-free filter replacement.
  • The flow rate of the water filter is 0.5gpm with a 300-gallon capacity. Moreover, the pressure required for proper flow is 40 to 150 PSI.
  • If you already have a GWF installation, the water filter can replace it.
  • You have to change the filter cartridge after using 300 gallons or six months to take the best-filtered water results.
What do we like?
  • Tool-free replacement.
  • Twist and lock
  • Six months or 300 gallon capacity for replacement
  • Can be Replaced with GWFA, GWF, MWFA, GWF06, GWF01
What we don't?
  • Short time warranty is available.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Best GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter: Smartwater & compatible

General electric provides you an NSF (National Science Foundation) certified refrigerator water filter. Smart water and a compatible water filter work with the GE MWF. Unique filtration technology eliminates contamination such as lead, chlorine, herbicide, sediment, cysts, etc. these contaminations can’t see, smell, or taste.

We cannot see with our naked eyes, but these are polluted drinking water and unhealthy. It can remove bacteria, asbestos, algae, and mold. Smart water filter having compatible cartridges which are replaceable after six months use. In this water filter, carbon filtration technology works. There are lots of diseases that arise from drinking unhealthy and polluted water.

These water filters are compatible with the bottom freezer or the side by side refrigerator. No need for tools for replacement. Furthermore, to avoid any mess, it has a twist and lock mechanism in the built-in design. The size is very compatible so that you can adjust it in the bottom freezer refrigerator.

Product features:

  • Carbon block filtration technology used for clean drinking water
  • Eliminate all contamination that is very dangerous for health. Moreover, it will provide you and your family a healthy lifestyle. 
  • It is very easy to install because there are no tools required to install. Twist and lock the filter without any hassle. You can replace the filter after six months.
  • The filter can eliminate all kinds of contaminants such as algae, asbestos, bacteria, etc.
What do we like?
  • Compact size for congested places
  • Special carbon filter technology
  • Replaced after six month
  • Remove 8 to 10 types of contaminations
  • Lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer
What we don't?
  • Clogs quicker than usual filters

Check Price On Amazon

3 Aqua crest MWF Refrigerator Water Filter: NSF certified & WQA certified

If you are health conscious and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. Then you should buy this aqua crest MWF refrigerator water filter. Equipped with an NSF & WQA certified filtration system can eliminate the unwanted contaminants.

That can’t be seen by naked eyes, not by smell or taste detected. These contaminants could be lead, asbestos, bacteria, pesticides, herbicide, and sediment. etc

The installation of the water filter is tool-free, and you can install it quickly. You only twist and lock the filter at its position without having any mess.

The lifespan of the water filter is 6 months or after 300 gallons. After that, there is a need to replace the filter if you want to retain the quality. Moreover, the water filter is certified to reduce cyst, chlorine, lead, and other pharmaceutical impurities.

Product features:

  • The installation of the water filter is quick and can with a twist and lock design. 
  • The smart water refrigerator replacement filter is non-shockable and certified against impurities.
  • The filter is compatible with side by side bottom freezer refrigerators. 
  • The lifespan of the filter is 6 months or 300 gallons. It means you need to replace the filter after every six months.
  • The filter is certified by NSF and WQA, and it works against all the impurities and all the chemicals.
What do we like?
  • NSF certified
  • Premium filtration
What we don't like?
  • Installation may take some time.

Check Price On Amazon

4 Waterdrop MWF Refrigerator water filter: NSF 372 & NSF 42 certified

Here we have a Waterdrop MWF refrigerator water filter from the Waterdrop brand. The water filter is the perfect way to start your day with purified drinking water. As we know, we can’t compromise the quality of water, so the Waterdrop is presenting leverage technology in their water filters.

The leverage technology will ensure safe and purified water for your use. The water filter is certified by NSF 42 for providing quality water. There is a reduction of 97% chlorine while maintaining the taste and odor to 97%. In addition to this, for lead-free compliance, it is certified from NSF 372.

The water filter has a design to feel a refreshing taste like spring water in the mountains. The critical feature that makes water filters superior from the other competitors is its installation is tool-free.

Product features:

  • The water filter design offers prior filtration performance at a very affordable price.
  • The water filter is certified by NSF42 and NSF 373.
  • The water filter has a coconut shell carbon block that filters maximum contaminants. 
  • Moreover, the water filter provides 360-degree maximum protection. In this way, the user will get protection from all impurities. 
  • The GE MWF water filter can filter contaminants like led, chlorine, copper, metals, THM, cadmium, VOCs, etc. 
  • There is the use of automation systems and also precision measurement technology. Both technologies will prevent water filters from water leakages. 
  • The water filter material is a coconut shell carbon block that is reliable and improves water taste. Moreover, you will protect yourself from the low-quality water filters made with charcoal and coal wood with the water filter.
  • There is a monthly install sticker from where you can know about the water filter’s lifespan to track duration. 
  • Furthermore, all the material in the construction of the water filter is BPA free.
What do we like?
  • 66+ material safety test
  • Food grade filter
  • Simple installation
What we don't like?
  • The o-rings in the tube are not attached firmly.

Check Price On Amazon

5 Pureline MWF Water filter replacement: Made in USA water filter

Pureline is an American company and considered one of the leading industries in filtration technology. Pureline MWF water filter replacement is proof of its popularity. Pureline uses triple action water filtration technology to make water containment free.

The technology costs a little bit to find Pureline water filter prices more than the other market filters. However, I don’t think it is bad to spend a few bucks more than usual for drinking clean water. In Pureline, there is the use of advanced filters for blocks of all the continents.

The advanced carbon block has a positive ion charge that pulls out the pollutants with a negative charge on it. Furthermore, these advanced carbon blocks use mechanical filtration, electrokinetic filtration, and physical adsorption of water. Unlike all other cheap water filters in the market, Pureline water filters use active coconut to construct carbon blocks.

Product features:

  • If you have a resolution of 2021 to drink pure and clean water, then here is the solution. The best MWF water filter is here from the pure-line brand.
  • The filter uses triple action filter technology to filter the water at an advanced level from impurities. 
  • The water filters remove large sediments with pores filters, while for small contaminants, there is the use of ionized technology. Furthermore, there is mechanical filtration and physical adsorption of water. As a result, you will get 99.9% impurities free water.
  • The water filter is certified by NSF, WQA, and IAPMO. Moreover, the water filter can remove 26 major contaminants like copper, chlorine, mercury, metals, etc.
  • The water filter installation is super easy, and it is compatible with the GE MWF water filter. 
  • The water filters ensure a 100%no leakage system.
What do we like?
  • Triple action technology
  • Use of advanced carbon blocks made with coconut
  • Highest quality filter
What we don't like?
  • The packaging is poor.

Check Price On Amazon

6 MWF Water filter for GE refrigerator: NS42 certified & smart water filter

As we know, how important clean water is for our health. So we should ensure that we always get healthy and clean water from our refrigerators. Here in our list of best MWF water filters, we review MWF water filters for GE refrigerators.

There is the use of an advanced carbon block system for reducing all kinds of contaminants. Moreover, the water filter is more effective and economical than the original filter. Furthermore, MWF water filters have a capacity of 200 gallons of freshwater, and you need to replace them after every six months.

The material used in the water filter is a Sri Lankan coconut carbon block that activates triple-action technology—furthermore, the dimensions of the water filter 11.02 l, 1.97 w, 2.36 h, inches. Moreover, the water filter’s installation process is straightforward, and you can do it in just no time.

Product features:

  • This GE water filter improves the quality of clean water by enhancing the water filtration system.
  • Organic carbon blocks remove all kinds of sediments, containment, sediments, and harmful microorganisms. 
  • The water filter is certified by NSF 43. In case you do not find it certified, then you can get your money back from manufacturers.
  • The water filter is also certified by an independent laboratory. It can remove up to 97.9 % of impurities from the water.
  • Moreover, the filter will remove all kinds of odors and bad taste of water.
What do we like?
  • Compatible with standard GE refrigerator
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materiel
  • Remove 97.9 % impurities
What we don't like?
  • You need to replace it after 200 gallons.

Check Price On Amazon

7 Crystal MWF water filters for GE refrigerators: NSF /ANSI 53&42 Certified

The water filter is from the crystal filter brand known for producing healthier and cleaner water with better taste. The water filter can reduce all kinds of contaminants like carbofuran, giardia, mercury, toxaphene, etc.

The water filter is guaranteed by NSF/ANSI 53. You can get the clarification from the official site of both organizations. The water filter needs to replace after every six months or after every 200 gallons. Moreover, it is the Affordable best MWF water filter that ensures good taste with its premium filtration.

Product features:

  • The water filter is compatible with all the standards of NSF and ANSI. Moreover, all the material and construction of the water filter are also compatible with all independent laboratories’ standards.
  • The product uses carbon blocks from coconut that make sure the premium quality filtration of the water. 
  • Independent laboratories also test the water filter, and it makes sure the 97,9 % contamination-free water. 
  • Moreover, water filters also work for the smell and taste of water. 
  • For your satisfaction, you can get information on its certification from ANSI and NSF official sites.
What do we like?
  • Certified from ANSI and NSF
  • Compatible with GE refrigerators
  • Easy installation
  • Quality materiel
What we don't like?
  • Need to replace after every 200 gallons.

Check Price On Amazon

8 GE MWF Smartwater refrigerator water filter: NSF certified

You can never be sure about the quality of the water in your refrigerator. For these reasons, GE refrigerators are so popular. The water filter is certified from NASF42, NSF53, and WQA, and it makes sure the water is 100% lead-free water.

So by installing this water filter, you can upgrade the quality of your water filter of fridges. Moreover, it will improve the overall taste and smell of your water. These fridge filters are made from coconut shells for safe drinking water.

The coconut shell removes all the mercury, parasites, benzene, lead, Linda Meade, etc. Moreover, as the filter has active carbon, it will remove odor, chlorine, dangerous metallic, etc. As we know, all water filters these days are powerful, and they remove all the ingredients from the water, like all the minerals and electrolytes.

These minerals and electrolytes are crucial for body health. Here the water filter is one step ahead of all its competitors in that it only removes harmful contaminants.

Product features:

  • The material used in the construction of the filter is NSF certified and made of organic carbon.
  • Furthermore, the water filter is certified from the WQA and USA water qualification system.
  • It is the most affordable, and the quality of water is better for health.
  • The water filter is easy to install, and the design is a twist and easy lock design. It means you can twist and lock the filter at its place. So you do an easy installation without creating a mess.
  • The water filter has high-quality material, and it removes all the impurities.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee in case of any mishap.
What do we like?
  • Certified from WQA, NSF
  • High-quality materiel
  • Highly affordable
  • 100% money-back guarantee
What we don't like?
  • The product is impressive, and we don’t find any con of the product.

Check Price On Amazon

9 Excelpure MWF replacement for GE SmartWater: 300-gallons & easy installation

Excelpure is a USA brand that is reliable in the water filters industry. It is an extremely active water filter that has an efficient 0.5-micron water filter. The water filter will remove all the significant contaminants of tap water and will improve the taste of your water.

The water filter is manufactured with NSF standards that will strictly follow all the safety standards of water. There is the use of NS42 safety material that ensures the safety of the water. The maximum operating pressure of water is 120psi/827 KPS, and the minimum water pressure is 30psi/207 KPA. The total life span of the water filter is 300 gallons and six months.

After every six months, you need to change your water filter. Furthermore, the water flow rate is 0.5gpm/1.9lpm. The installation process of the water filter is also super easy and also requires no tools.

Product features:

  • It is a USA originated brand water filter that uses material that is certified from NSF42. 
  • The water filter has a carbon block of coconut shell activated. For effective filtration, high-grade carbon blocks will do 100% filtration of water.
  • Moreover, the water filter is a 0.5-micron filter that reduces more than 20 different contaminants. 
  • The water filter will improve your tap water taste, and you will feel it with the first experience.
  • The material is certified from the NSF and also BPA free.
What do we like?
  • Easy to install
  • Great taste
  • NSF certified
What we don't like?
  • The product has excellent customer ratings, and there are no cons that we observe.

Check Price On Amazon

10 HDX refrigerator water filter: Dual pack/NSF certified

Here we have a water filter from the HDX brand. The water filter is certified and made with NSF 42 and 53, reducing all kinds of sediments from water. The water filter will reduce lead, chlorine, and all odours that may be present in drinking water.

The life span of the water is 6 months, and the water capacity is 300 gallons. Moreover, there is a need to change the water filters after every six months. The overall dimensions of the water filter are 3.6l, 8.75 w, and 9.5 inches. The water filter is compatible with all the GE refrigerators.

Product features:

  • The process of water filtration includes the removal of more than 20 sediments in the water.
  • Furthermore, all the material of the water is according to the NSF standards. It will help in the removal of chlorine, lead, chromium, and all other microorganisms.
  • The package has a dual pack of water filters, which means you will get two water filters from the box.
  • The water filter is compatible with all GE refrigerators, and you will get the result of purified water from your refrigerator.
  • The water filter is super easy to install, and the installation doesn’t require any kind of tool.
  • The specific thing about these water filters is it will not remove the essential minerals from the water. It will filter only harmful microorganisms. 
  • The water filter will also retain the flavor of water and reduce all kinds of odor from the tap water. 
  • The water filter is also compatible with a bottom freezer refrigerator.
  • The water filter’s lifespan is six months, and you need to replace the water filter after every six months.
  • The overall capacity to purify water is 300 gallons.
What do we like?
  • High-quality materiel
  • NSF 42 and 53 certified
  • 300 gal capacity
  • Easy to install
What we don't like?
  • Some customers may not like to buy dual packs.

Check Price On Amazon

My Personal Choice: 

As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing more concerning than the best MWF Water filter at your home. The reason is the water filters are responsible for clean and safe water. Now here we reviewed the 10 best MWF water filters. All these filters ensure quality and reliability.

However, as my personal choice, I will pick Excelpure MWF replacement for the GE SmartWater filter. This recommendation is that the water filter has all the functionality that we require in the best water filter for the GE refrigerator.

The smart water filter has a 300-gallon capacity and a carbon filter. The material is certified by NSF. Furthermore, the water filter met all standards of the water filter. Thus, I will prefer this water filter for my use and recommend it to all of you.

Buying Guide

In our refrigerator, there is a higher risk of bacteria, viruses, and all other contaminants. For this reason, we can get satisfied with the quality of the refrigerator water, and here is the need for the best MWF water filters. These best MWF water filters are an excellent tool for getting safe and impurity-free water.

In the physical and online markets, you will get different choices for the best MWF water filters. There are a lot of brands that advertise them as the best. However, as we can say, we can not trust all. So it isn’t easy to choose the right one.


As we already mention, there are different styles and different types of Best MWF water filter. All the water filters have compatibility with varying filters of water. So what do you need to do in this condition? Always look for the compatibility of the water filter with your refrigerator.

Firstly check the model of your fridge and then pick a water filter that supports that model. If you do not pay attention to this factor, you will waste your money without benefit. You prefer universal filters; however, always look for compatibility and to prevent any future inconvenience.


One of the main factors in selecting the best water filter is the certification it has. The credentials will ensure that the water filter has the capability to perform its functions to the maximum extent.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a look at the certification of the water filter. Here in our list of 10 best MWF water filters, we pick almost all the filters approved by NSF. NSF stands for a National sanitation foundation that ensures the quality and safety of the water.

Moreover, you can also look for the American national standards institute for the certification of water filters. Both the certificate ensures that the filter’s quality is already tested and you can use them for drinking clean water.


Capacity is about how many liters your water filter can filter. You can say it is the lifespan of the water filter. Once the lifespan is over, you need to replace the filter. The filter’s average lifespan is six months, and the capacity is 200-300 gallons of water.

However, it is a good idea to choose a water filter with a 300-gallon capacity.

Filtering capabilities:

Now another thing to look for is the functionality of a water filter. If you are a constant user of water filters, then you already have some kind of preference. However, if you are a new user, you can pick water filters with different types of technologies for the purification of water.

Furthermore, you can look for the material of the filter. The most preferred material is the carbon filters made with coconut. Or a carbon filter that has a 20-micron level. All these factors will ensure the capability of the filtering process.


Q. What does the GE MWF filter remove?

Ans: For a better filtration process, organic carbon is best. That is certified by NSF ( national science foundation). It can remove almost 15 types of contaminations such as lead, chlorine, mercury, cysts, etc. Additionally, it can also 94% remove five major pharmaceuticals, including trimethoprim, atenolol, ibuprofen, progesterone, and fluoxetine. With this filter, clean drinking water is ready for you and your loved ones.

Q. How often do you change the GE SmartWater filter?

Ans: By the passage of 6 months or 200 to 300 dispensed water is used, then you should change the filter. If the water flow decreases in the ice maker and dispenses water, you have to change more frequently. Additionally, inspect the filter if you doubt the filter can be clogged.

Q. What’s the difference between GWF and MWF water filters?

Ans: There is no difference between GWF and MWF. There are specific names given to the filter to remind you whenever you need to change a refrigerator water filter. There is a plus point that we have labels that show that its improved versions (GWF/HWF/MWF) by these names.

You can quickly remind yourself which one was installed and which one to install. MWFP can lodge in the replacement of MWF. MWFP is the latest version, but still, it is called the MWF water filter. Filters come in their performance; they can’t be interchangeable.

Q. Do refrigerator water filters really work?

Ans: Yes, of course, they do their job well. Refrigerator water filters perform an essential role in the refrigerator water filter to clean wanted from all unwanted pollutants and immunities. Overhauling the fridge is not an easy task. So water filters remove almost 15 different types of contaminants from your drinking water that you can’t see with naked eyes, smell, or taste.

Q. What precision takes while replacement of the filter?

Ans: 1st of all we should not be lazy in this matter of monitoring and replacement of water filters. While doing hard work, it may clog overused filters and full contamination, especially those not frequently replaced. Your drinking water may cause you any disease from this lack of attention because it still passes through overuse filters.

Be careful while removing the filter and clean the input nozzle of the water filter. Before installing a new filter, waste all water from hoses. And after installing a new filter, a new water cycle will begin, and you can achieve your healthy lifestyle again.


In the end, we hope from our 10 best recommendations for water filters you become able to pick the best MWF water filter for your home. In our buying guide, we guide you thoroughly about how you can choose water filters that actually perform all their functions with reliability.

You can also pick from any of the 10 best MWF water filters with your past experience. If you have any brand preference, then here you can find all the famous brands. So what are you waiting for? Buy the best filter and ensure the supply of safe water for you and your family.

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