Best Meat Thermometers

Many people rely on their expected recipe time to determine whether the meat is ready or not.  Others perform the color test to make the same conclusion, yet others will cut through the piece to know if it’s soft enough for eating.  

Though these are the most commonly used methods in the kitchen, they are not entirely accurate. They are likely to give you undercooked or overcooked meat that will make your visitors sick. 

Luckily, you can now eliminate the constant worries of serving undercooked meat with the best meat thermometer. This must-have kitchen appliance will increase your cooking confidence as it is the surest way of knowing that the meat is ready.

After testing many meat thermometers, we confidently present you with the top 10 best meat thermometers. This meat thermometer America’s test kitchen is tested for quality and durability. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide that will help you make an informed decision.


best meat thermometer 1

  • Wireless Thermometer
  • Supported Android & ISO
  • alert when done
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best meat thermometer 2

  • high-temperature environments
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best meat thermometer 5

  • ultra-fast 2-3 seconds readings
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Take a look at the best meat thermometer cooks illustrated!

The 10 Best Meat Thermometers

1 MEATER Plus | 165ft Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 1MEATER Plus is an all-food thermometer that will meet and exceed your expectations. It is compact and neatly sits in a battery-charging box when not in use. And when you’re ready to use it, simply connect it to the app, and you’re good to go!

The unit’s dual sensors will monitor the meat’s internal temperature to 212°F and the external temperature to 527°F simultaneously. 

This best wireless meat thermometer suits outdoor cooking as it is 100% wire-free. With this feature, the 65 feet long-range model is a genuinely wireless thermometer that will monitor your meat using its FREE app. The app is available for Android (5.0 versions), smartphones, and tablets iOS (10.3 versions). 

Be sure to insert the probe deeply into the meat, and the app takes it from there. It’ll read the current temperature, the target temperature, and the oven temperature of the meat. The app will notify you of how long the meat will take to cook thoroughly, even though it takes some minutes to calculate this time.

You will then receive a 5-minute warning before the meat is ready and a “happy eating” alert when done. You’ll be impressed with the final results as it will save your meat from overcooking and undercooking.

And working with this best grill meat thermometer through the app is more straightforward, thanks to the Guided Cook System. This system walks you through the cooking process to ensure you get perfect results. Additionally, the Advanced Estimator Algorithm helps estimate how long the meat will cook to plan and manage your cook time.

The thermometer’s magnetic backing attaches to whatever metallic surface. This feature gives the unit the versatility to work with nearly all metallic cooking pots.

  • The best wireless meat thermometer.
  • Great app
  • Value for money
  • Very costly

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2 Habor 022 Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 2No more burning of hands! The Habor 022 Meat Thermometer presents the most extended probe height of 4.7″. This feature makes it ideal for huge chicken, turkey, barbecue, jam making, bread making, chocolate making, hot milk, hot water, and bathwater. The probe also has an ultra-thin 8mm pointed head that dips into the center of your steak, ribeye, or liquid. 

The ultra-fast thermometer gives 4-6 seconds reading at whatever cooking temperature. It’ll perform an instant-read with a ±1℃ accuracy. And so, here’s what will eliminate your cooking guesswork while ensuring you get the best flavor.

This best meat thermometer America’s test kitchen is easy to use. You only need to insert the probe into the cooking meat and get the temperature. It is also easy to store and carry. The 10 min auto-shut off function will help extend the battery life. 

The temp range herein is -58 to 572℉. You can freely switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius or the other way round by clicking the °F/°C button. Notably, the thermometer comes calibrated even before delivery, so you needn’t struggle to perform a calibration test on receiving it.

Though the product boasts sturdy construction, you can still extend the service life by removing it from the meat when you’re done reading the temperature. Note; you should NEVER leave the thermometer in high-temperature environments like a closed oven, grill, or frying pan.

This best meat thermometer for the oven comes with a protective sheath for easy storage and carrying. The 10-min auto-off mechanism and power-saving designs make it a handy unit for outdoor activities like grilling, backpacking, bushcraft, and picnicking. And once you’re done using the thermometer, you can hook it on the wall of its sheath.

You can effortlessly monitor the temp to avoid serving dried-out food.

  • Wide temp range (-58 to 572°F)
  • Auto shut-off design
  • Battery power saving mechanism
  • Includes a probe hook and sheath
  • The unit isn’t waterproof.

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3 Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo

best meat thermometer 3Peering into your oven or cooking pot and guessing the temp readings is a thing of the past, and indeed, this best meat thermometer for oven gives more than just measuring your food temperature! Javelin PRO Duo is an all-powerful meat thermometer all other thermometers look up to. And this is because of many reasons: 

For starters, it was the first meat thermometer to have a stabilization alert. This alert raises the alarm when the meat is ready. And so, you can rest assured that your cook will have no compromises!

It comes with an ultra-large 2-inch display that features 360° viewing clarity for spectacular clarity, no matter how you look at it. This view space will rotate automatically depending on how you’ve held the device. 

To give the Javelin more success, the manufacturer made a blistering response time of only  2-3 seconds and an accuracy of ±0.9°F. This feature, in turn, gives an unrivaled performance that will make measuring a breeze.

It boasts an NSF certified superior construction quality that beats any other meat thermometer on the market. It complies with strict food-safety guidelines like CE, NSF, and RoHS to ensure it is free from cadmium, mercury, lead, or other hazardous substances. Furthermore, the 100% BPA-free polycarbonate body, high-end performance sensor, and 18/8 food-grade stainless steel probe promises max safety and durability.

A 3-year limited warranty also backs it up to guarantee quality and reliable performance. It can be work on the grill, oven, for brewing, candy making, e.t.c. This best grill meat thermometer unit also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It is no wonder the Javelin thermometer is a special tool used by award-winning baristas, professional chefs, show hosts, and of course, BBQ competitors.

  • High-end thermometer
  • Faster reading than others
  • Auto-rotate backlit display
  • Certified for safety
  • The product has mixed customer reviews on the strength of its magnet.

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4 ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 4ThermoPro TP20 is a versatile unit featuring a dual-probe tech to help in monitoring two types of meat. You can use one of its sensors as an oven thermometer probe to accurately read the surrounding temperature.  

This meat thermometer is equipped with a receiver range extending to 300 feet away. It will update you on your food’s temperature even as you continue watching TV or carrying out house chores. No need to go checking on the food physically!

And what’s better than a hassle-free setup? Nothing, I bet! You’ll be happy to learn that you do not require any synchronization when it comes to this best meat thermometer for oven. The simple structure and interface make it ready for use right out of the box. And so, it’s time to bid the tedious setup steps a goodbye!

The best digital meat thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.

The USDA preset settings will allow you to preset temp readings of nine different types of meat. You can program it for ground beef, beef, ground poultry, chicken, veal, poultry, pork, fish, and lamb. 

The generously sized LCDs will give a crystal-clear reading of the temperatures. The backlit design makes it best for use in low light conditions. The meat cooking thermometer shows a kitchen timer that has an accurate countdown and counts up settings. The receiver will flash and beep when the cook hits the preset temperature. 

The commercial-grade stainless steel probe comes with a step-down tip design. It will give you accurate temperatures quicker and more precisely. Its probe wires withstand temperatures of up to 716°F.

And last but not least, the transmitter comes with a wire to use as a stand or hook on your oven door.

  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Versatile
  • Stainless braided leads.
  • Doesn’t lose connection
  • Ports should be labeled to indicate lead 2 or 1.

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5 Powlaken Meat Food Thermometer

best meat thermometer 5No need to wait over that hot grill or stove for the temperatures to settle! This best grill meat thermometer offers the most accurate temperature reading to +/-1° with a broad range of -50°C to 300°C. You can now make perfectly prepared beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, or turkey any time your cravings rise. 

Besides checking for meat temperature, the unit also works great with baking, making candy, beverages, and deep-frying. With the thermometer at your disposal, you can cook whatever food to perfection. If you’re a beginner, here’s an opportunity to get creative, be inspired to bbq and cook more often, and of course, eat healthier!

 Whether you’re grilling on a char-broil or weber, cooking at the comfort of your kitchen, or doing a bbq around a campfire, the tool is sure to graduate your culinary skills! All BBQs will bow to your commands thanks to this best bbq meat thermometer!

The LCD lets you read temperatures in whatever measurement unit, between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Stop under-cooking and overcooking your meat! Start doing it like a pro while ensuring you have the perfect temperature whenever you’re cooking or grilling.

This best meat thermometer for grilling gives ultra-fast 2-3 seconds readings at all typical cooking temperatures.  This feature, together with a 4.8’’ long probe, makes it a top-notch performing instant-read meat thermometer.

It features a power-saving auto-off design for convenience. It will go off when the probe is retracted or after 10 minutes of no activity. And it comes with expertly pre-calibrated readings to ensure you get the most accurate readings!

And just to let you know, the unit’s large and bright LCD light will give you visual assistance for easy reading. Finally, the simplistic yet reliable design of its foldaway probe means that the thermometer will pop open for a quick temperature reading. You asked for convenience, and here it is!

  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor setting
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Meets different temperatures
  • Not easy to open and close.

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6 Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 6The main reason why you should get excited about the Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer is that it is waterproof! It boasts an IP67 waterproof rating and comes with a sturdy ABS plastic body that withstands accidental drops and impact accidents. It, therefore, means that you needn’t worry about damaging it when doing some cleaning. 

And yes, this best instant-read meat thermometer will give you accurate reads in a matter of seconds. Noteworthy, the unit takes the temp in a matter of 2-3 seconds, and that’s not all; it is accurate to +/-1 degrees. The thermometer comes with a wide temp range of -58℉ to 572℉. These features make it perfect for cooked chicken, beef, fish, pork, turkey, or lamb. It’s also generous for baking, beverages, and making candy. 

Get your temperature readings through the large and bright LCD screen. This means that you don’t need to fumble with a phone flash for accurate readings. The hang hole and internal magnet allow you to store the unit conveniently wherever there is quick meat thermometer 6 Set Are you looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a bbq enthusiast? It will please you to learn that this unit is the best bbq meat thermometer. It comes packaged elegantly in a premium-foam lined box. The box has an aesthetic appeal that will not disappoint you if chosen as a gift. Besides this, the box’s sturdy construction forms a suitable place to store the meat thermometer safely. 

Unlike many other thermometers, this one includes an eCookbook, 2 CR 2032 batteries, a user manual, a meat temp guide, and four loops/hook to hang the temp guide on your wall for convenience. All this just for you! 

It comes with expertly pre-calibrated readings but also allows re-calibration for accurate reads. Like many units on this list, Kizen’s battery-saving system switches off the unit when the probe is retracted or after 10 min of no activity.

Needles to say, the outstanding innovative features of the thermometer makes it an excellent purchase.

  • Waterproof
  • Expertly pre-calibrated reads.
  • Large and bright LCD screen
  • The best gift option
  • Good thermometer but has a slow operation.

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7 ThermoPro TP-16S Digital Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 7Meet the best digital meat thermometer! Another ThermoPro unit confirms that this manufacturer is keen on producing quality meat thermometers. 

The ThermoPro TP-16S simplifies your cooking experience and reduces the unnecessary stress of monitoring your chicken meat until it is cooked to perfection. This tool has an upgraded user experience and displays the temp readings and time left to cook thoroughly. It is coupled with a backlight and front-facing buttons to ensure you can fix the settings to meet your taste preferences. 

Do you suffer from “cooking amnesia” and forget that you’re cooking meat? Avoid this disaster with the help of the BEEP function. It will give you an alert when the meat is ready. Preset the temp settings manually and cook like a pro with this meat thermometer for smokers. You can set and track your timer and get the results that you wanted. 

Here, you will have both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. The choice is yours! The probe offers a temp range of 14°F-572°F and a high accuracy of ±1.8°F. This probe is also durable enough to withstand temperatures of up to 380°C. Therefore, you can enjoy any meat type and be guaranteed the most delicious results. Also, the backlit touch screen will make cooking and grilling in the dark a breeze. 

The multiple mounting options and pocket size of the unit give 100% convenience. It is compact enough to be stored anywhere around the kitchen counter, tabletop, kitchen hook, magnetize, or stove/fridge. And when you are ready to use this meat thermometer for grilling it, take it out and do the usual!

The humanization design allows you to see the countdown and cooking thermometer mode on the display screen without pressing a button or rotating between the modes. And if you want to adjust the meat settings quickly, the conveniently-placed front-facing buttons will do the trick. 

Finally, you can preset the temperatures to suit seven meat types with their different doneness levels. You can meet your desired tastes by altering the preset temperatures of the appliance.

  • Heat-resistant and accurate probe.
  • It displays both temperature and countdown timer.
  • It has multiple storage options.
  • Highly accurate probe.
  • The display is relatively small and hard to read.

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8 ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 8ThermoPro TP-03 is an affordable solution if you’re looking to achieve accurate temperatures without spending too much on a meat thermometer. Stop undercooking or overcooking your meat, and be ready for perfect temperatures like that of a pro chef. Just at an affordable price!

This kitchen tool comes with a simple yet practical design. Simply push the button, and the foldaway probe pops open. You can now quickly and easily read the temperatures, then fold it back for clean and safekeeping. 

You needn’t sweat powering up the meat thermometer. It is constructed to conserve the battery power by switching off automatically 10 minutes of no activity. The AAA powered will last long with a full charge. 

The thermometer also comes with a backlit LCD for easy temp reading in the dark. You can also set your preferred unit measurement between Fahrenheit or Celsius. It features a 3.9food-grade stainless steel probe that has the highest precision sensor. 

It accurately reads the temp within 3-5 seconds with a temp range of -58 – 572°F, accurate to ±0.9°F. It is a perfect option for both outdoor and indoor grilling and BBQ, hence the meat thermometer for grilling.

This best digital meat thermometer has a foldable probe mechanism. It folds away quickly and efficiently and also locks neatly into its base for portability. The magnetic hook and back give convenient storage. 

Lastly, the thermometer’s switchblade smart styling lets you check your meat at the right angle, which is exceptionally comfortable.

  • Affordable
  • Foldable probe mechanism
  • Accurate readings
  • It features a magnetic hook and back for convenient storage.
  • Reads in imperial and metric.
  • Some customers criticize the lack of a backlight.

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9 Smak Instant Read Meat Thermometer

best meat thermometer 9Still not getting your preferred meat thermometer? Maybe you should try out this best instant read meat thermometer, a unit optimized to suit whoever is passionate about cooking!

The waterproof meat thermometer needs a low cost of maintenance. It is waterproof and only needs washing on running water and soap to be clean. Read your meat’s exact temperature to make the perfectly prepared lamb, beef, fish, turkey, chicken, or pork every time. It is also best for frying and baking.

Smak Instant boasts a high-grade stainless steel construction for durability. If you’ve been disappointed with the previous models that lasted for countable months, you should consider this and enjoy a lifetime service!

The wide 1.75” and crystal-clear LCD that has a reliable backlight allows you to see your meat during the evening and late-night outdoor adventures. Additionally, the magnetic back guarantees you added convenience. 

You can always store the thermometer almost anywhere, whether on your magnetic knife, refrigerator, or a cooker hood. The BBQ folding design lets you keep this best bbq meat thermometer in your kitchen drawer. And what’s more, the generously-sized hanging hole is compatible with almost all kitchen hooks.

Don’t stress yourself about the thermometer’s battery life. It automatically shuts off in 10 min of no activity to save the power for later use.

All Smak meat thermometers come with pre-calibrations, and this unit is no exception! You can calibrate the read thermometer if you’re looking to get more incredible accuracy. The appliance only takes 2-3 seconds to get the accurate temperature of your meat. It has a vast temp range of -58 to 572℉.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this. Besides the mentioned ones, the unit gives 100% satisfaction,  a 30-day warranty, and 3-year free replacement coverage. What are you still waiting for?

  • Easy to use
  • Big and convenient LCD
  • Best value
  • ABS plastic body
  • Durable kitchen thermometer
  • Quick temperature reading
  • It claims to be waterproof, though it’s yet to be tested for this feature.

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10. Govee Grill Thermometer

best meat thermometer 10If you’re a busy kitchen enthusiast who isn’t willing to spend lots of hours in the kitchen checking if the meat is ready, you better try out the Govee Grill Thermometer! 

This best wifi meat thermometer comes with the best remote monitoring mechanism. It guarantees a fast and accurate reading response. It’ll give you the temp read in less than 2 seconds. 

The 230 feet Bluetooth range allows you to preset your food temperature and get alerts through the unit’s app when the meat is ready. The temp readings run from 32℉-572℉ with a sharp accuracy of 1°resolution. 

Its large LCD screen display has a bright backlight allowing you to have delicious meat whenever you want. It presets the temp for six different food types, including lamb, beef, pork, veal, chicken, turkey, and fish. You can as well customize the timer and temperature depending on your preferences.

The two stainless steel probes of this best wifi meat thermometer are IPX7 high-temp resistant and also waterproof. They are ready to face any challenging situation!

  • Battery working time of about 350 hours
  • Heat-resistance and precise probes
  • Auto-turn off for power saving
  • Waterproof
  • Probes are made of plastic and can melt quickly.

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Using a meat thermometer doesn’t make you a lesser chef. The pro chefs will even suggest that you use one. After all, no one is interested in dry turkey, overcooked lasagna, bloody roast lamb, and all that! Never again should you serve the pork chops without getting the thermometer’s confirmation that they are ready for eating. And once you’ve used the meat thermometer, you’ll NEVER cook without it.

You now have the best meat thermometer cooks illustrated, and the choice is now yours! These thermometers match the combination of reliability, quality, accuracy, affordability, and easy to read display. And each of these falls into the category of the best meat thermometer America’s test kitchen.

We hope this was helpful. 

Happy purchase!

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