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12 Best Coffee Makers Under 100 | Buying Guide & Reviews for 2021


Today’s affordable coffee makers can brew excellent cups of coffee, provide lots of automated functions, like self-cleaning, grinding of beans, auto-brewing on a timer, and much more. They are truly unique, and that is why these best budget coffee makers get such rating reviews from customers. With the best coffee maker brands like Bunn, Keurig, Delonghi, Capresso, Nespresso, Braun, Solis, and many others, it is no wonder that so many coffee maker’s reviews are favorable. These coffee makers are not always cheap, but they can save a lot of money over a lifetime by not having to visit coffee houses like Starbucks which are expensive. 

When buying a coffee maker, it is crucial to search coffee makers reviews and read what other customers think and their broad experiences. Buying retail is old news these days, with the Internet getting cheap coffee makers deals for the coffee makers is easy. On the web, you can use great sites to buy affordable coffee makers these days. Some of the coffee makers can be pretty expensive, depending on the brand name and features. Many models cost over $200.00 and some that only cost about $40. Cheap coffee makers come in forms and styles when shopping online. Here we are going to review the 12 best coffee makers under 100, and we believe these coffee makers will be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

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1 Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee maker

When we talk about kitchen accessories, one of the best brands named in this category is the Hamilton beach brand. The reason is the brand is famous for manufacturing quality products at an affordable price. Here we have the best coffee maker under $100 from the Hamilton beach brand. The coffee maker has a flexible design and the capacity to brew 12 cups of coffee at a time. There are three ways to brew. You can brew 12 cups of coffee, brew a single cup of coffee, and brew a full pot of coffee. Let’s have a look at some other features of this coffee maker.

Product Features:

  • The coffee maker has an automatic serve and pauses during brewing.
  • The coffee maker will include a brew basket and a single-serve pack holder.
  • There is an automatic shut-off option after 2 hours.
  • For easy cleaning, you can remove pod-piercing assembly tools. 
  • You can control your coffee’s strength with the customized control of brew strength by selecting, brew, and bold options.
  • Two separate water reservoirs can fill quickly. Moreover, water reservoirs have a water window so that you can control the quantity of water.
  • Easy to clean features
  • Three different ways of brew
  • Touch screen
  • Sleek design
  • The automatic shut off duration is a little long.

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2 DeLonghi 15 bar pump Espresso and cappuccino maker

If you want to brew like a pro single or double espresso, latte and cappuccino then DeLonghi 15 Bar Pump Espresso machine has all your needs. It has 3 in 1 filter holder included with the unit. There is one holder for espresso, one for two shots, and one for easy serve espresso pods. The other mesmerizing thing about this coffee maker is, there is no wait between cups. The advanced cappuccino system has an optimum temperature that can brew cups one after another. Here are some other features of this best portable coffee maker.

Product Features:

  • It is a dual brew coffee maker that can easily prepare latte and cappuccino with a patented dual-function holder. 
  • There is start-up preparation with this coffee maker, and you can immediately start your task with an on/off switch of self-priming operation. 
  • There are two separate thermostats for steam and water pressure so that you can brew at the perfect temperature. 
  • The boiler of the coffee maker is made with stainless steel at 15 bar pump pressure. Its stainless steel material ensures the durability of the machine. 
  • The maximum height of the cup for this coffee maker is 66 centimeters. 
  • It has a steam dial if you don’t want to use the frother.
  • Easy to operate
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • No waiting between cups
  • You may need to replace the nozzle after one year of use.

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3 Keurig K Classic Coffee maker, single-serve K-Cup Pod Coffee brewer

Here we have another best coffee maker under 100$, that can prepare your coffee strong, flavored, mild, or decaf. Moreover, you can brew up to 6+ cups without refilling. Furthermore, you can brew multiple K cup pod sizes like 6, 8, 10 pounds. The coffee maker has a perfect sleek design that is compact and beautiful at the same. Without a doubt, the coffee maker will be a great addition to your kitchen. Here are some other features of this coffee maker.

Product Features:

  • The coffee maker has a 48 pounds large water tank that can brew 6 cups of coffee at a time.
  • The coffee maker is the best choice if you are looking for a machine for your family. It will save you time from refilling and help in simplifying your morning routines.
  • For easy cleaning, there is a descaling feature. This feature will help clean and give aid in removing scale and calcium deposits that can build inside the machine.
  • There is auto on/off features that will help in saving energy.
  • The operation of using this coffee maker is simple. You just need to insert a pod and select the desired size of the brew cup.
  • The fabric type of coffee maker is made of plastic.
  • Easy cleaning features
  • Can brew 6+ cup at a time
  • Quality material
  • No noise control features

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4 Mr coffee 10 cup coffee maker

If you are looking for a quick coffee maker for a maximum of 10 cups, then the best brand Mr. Coffee gives you this best coffee maker with an optimal brew thermal system. Double-walled stainless steel and its elegant design are compatible with various kitchen color scheme combinations. It has a portable water reservoir for easy filling. This coffee maker is designed to roast and extract the best possible flavor according to your desire. This is the best product of Mr coffee thermal coffee makers.

Product Features:

  • For refilling of water, it has a portable water reservoir. 
  • It can brew up your coffee 20% faster than other coffee makers. And temperature goes to 205-degree Celsius to enrich the taste.
  • Paper filter replaced by the gold-tone permanent filter that can eliminate the contamination and 97% of chlorine from water and give a better taste. Moreover, no more worry about the replacement of filter paper with the upgraded filtration system.
  • It has a built-in delay brew feature that you can set brew time, so your coffee will be ready when you wake up. It is the best feature for saving your time and maintaining your coffee taste profile.
  • To sustain the coffee’s temperature by using a dual wall of stainless steel thermal carafe without a hot plate, that preserves your coffee’s true flavor. So this is the best thermal carafe coffee, makers
  • Faster brew
  • Delay brew feature
  • Auto shut down feature
  • Upgraded filter with gold-tone
  • Due to its design, its cleaning is a little bit difficult.

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5 Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Automatic Coffee maker

If you are looking for the best coffee makers with a grinder, here is the best option from one of Cuisinart coffee makers. The grinder can grind right before brewing and produce a fresh and flavored cup of coffee in just no time. Moreover, the grind off features is for pre-ground coffee. The machine has an Italian coffee maker style with an ergonomic handle; dripless pour spout and knuckle guard. 

Product Features:

  • The machine has brew-pause features so you can pause the process at any time.
  • The device has an automatic shut off feature in 4 hours.
  • For removing impurities, there is a commercial filter and charcoal water filter. 
  • For easy cleaning, there is a separate filter area and a separate grinder chamber.
  • There are 1-4 settings buttons for a push on for making a more robust cup of coffee.
  • The machine is 24 hours fully programmable
  • There is a three-year limited warranty with the device.
  • Elegant Italian style coffee maker
  • Commercial coffee maker filter
  • Brew + grinder
  • The grinder is a little louder.

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6 Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer coffee maker

Low maintenance and affordable best coffee maker under $100 is here. The hamilton two-way a brewer is an excellent option for brewing a premium or raw roast coffee in a fraction of time. The glass carafe includes a 12-cup and a single cup. Moreover, for saving time, there is one time filing the single-serve side water reservoir. The water reservoir has an extra-large capacity, and for precise measurements, there is measurement marking. It is a 24-hour programmable coffee maker along with a control panel with a button and display. Here are some other features of this 2-way brewer coffee maker. 

Product Features:

  • With this 2-way brewer, you can enjoy a 12-cup carafe and a single-serve cup. 
  • It is a 24-hour programmable coffee maker with auto shut off.
  • The cup size is adjustable with the coffee maker. You can brew coffee into a carafe, a short cup, and in your travel mug. 
  • The convenient single-serve option will allow you to brew a cup for one using ground or loose coffee.
  • The other features include a brew strength selector and keep-hot warming features.
  • Easy to use coffee maker
  • Versatile design
  • 2-in 1 brewer
  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Brewing speed is slow.

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7 Slowly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee

Here is a slowly single-serve coffee maker that is a compact and tiny design. Moreover, with its compact design, it is easily adjustable at your kitchen countertop or office table. Pick this product for a good start and the best thing to serve for a single person. At the distance of one-touch, it brews a quick coffee for you. Moreover, you can say instant coffee maker of the current marketplace. The best feature of this stunning product is auto cleaning, after using the machine just push the button and let it be clean by itself. Dual brewing coffee makers allow you to brew your coffee with your style

Product Features:

  • For a customized coffee, you can set the adjustments of cream, water, and brewing time by yourself and save expensive grounds.
  • Innovative and tiny design; could be adjusted at any compact place, or at the small countertop of your kitchen.
  • No more worries to clean your coffee maker, it will clean by itself. Moreover, no worries about shutting down the machine, you just brew a coffee cup, and it will be shut down automatically. 
  • The machine has two brewing styles; you can brew it coffee pod or brew it in the traditional way, the choice is yours.
  • Customize adjustment
  • Innovative and compact design
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Auto-shutdown feature
  • 2 in 1 brewing style
  • Can be used under US voltage standard only.

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8 Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart coffee maker

Here we have the best portable coffee maker that works with Alexa, and you can control it through a mobile app. It is a 12 cup coffee maker with automatic brewing options that work with voice command or mobile app. It is the best BPA free coffee maker certified for humans, and there is no more stress and struggle for getting your favorite drink. Moreover, for an easy cleaning option, it has a cleaning cycle reminder. Now take a look at some other features of this mesmerizing coffee maker.

Product features:

  • No need to download additional apps, you can control the functions of the coffee maker with the Alexa smartphone app.
  • The coffee maker has a front fill design, so you can easily add water and coffee.
  • The automatic shut-off feature will automatically shut off the machine in 2 hours. 
  • It is the best pour-over coffee maker with a mess-free serving pour. There will be no spill or drop with the drip-free pour spout. 
  • You can control the strength of your coffee with a bold or regular strength manually.
  • Cleaning reminder
  • Compatible with Alexa app
  • Control on the strength of coffee
  • After each use, you need to connect to Alexa again.

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9 Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee maker

If you are looking for the best iced coffee maker, we pick the product with all your needs. A pure and healthier coffee uses this traditional brewing method that will brew coffee less acidic and smoother. The best-iced coffee maker is designed for a cold brewing experience that locks freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks with airtight features. It is a dishwasher safe coffee maker as well as the best BPA free coffee maker. The coffee maker has the capacity to grind 110 grams of coffee beans to medium coarse or coarse. If we talk about price, it is the best coffee maker under $100. Now let’s get into some other features of this coffee maker.

Product features:

  • The coffee maker brews up to 70% less acidic and fresh brewing than hot brewing. The cold brewer will extract coffee that you can store and use with your favorite beverages.
  • It is an airtight seal coffee maker that will lock the freshness and flavor of your coffee for as long as you want. The airtight seal is BPA free made of silicon.
  • The iced coffee maker has a design that can fit into your fridge efficiently.
  • All the parts of the coffee maker are made of quality materials. The filter is super fine laser-cut, the cap is extra thick and made with borosilicate glass. 
  • The product has 90 days of returnable guarantee.
  • Made with quality material
  • A less acidic and more natural way of brewing
  • Keep warm features
  • Affordable iced coffee maker
  • Carafe quality is fragile

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10 Heated Smart Travel Mug with temperature control

If you are a coffee lover and want to carry your coffee with you, grab this best product. You can easily take it while traveling or outside activity. Furthermore, it is an excellent thing for those who love customized self-made coffee. You can easily carry it without fading its taste and hotness.

Temperature adjustment allows you to set the desired temperature for your coffee. Temperature adjustment allows in between 85 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, notify the user when it reached the user’s selected temperature—equipped with the LED that shows the status and actual temperature. It is a smart travel mug that will keep your hot beverages warm all day long with a 12 V plug that you can connect with your car. Here have a look at some other features of this great coffee maker.

Product features:

  • The travel mug has 16 oz. capacity
  • It is a leak-proof and stainless steel travel mug.
  • The temperature range of the cup is 85-160 degree Farnahite. 
  • There will be an alert when the preset ideal temperature of the drink reach
  • 12 V auto adapter included.
  • Stainless steel coffee maker
  • Temperature indicator
  • User-friendly features
  • The inner cup is not removable.

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11 KitchenAid KCM 1208DG Spiral showerhead 12 cup drip coffee maker

Here is a 12 cup drip coffee maker that can saturate coffee grounds to optimize a great flavored drink. It is the best KitchenAid coffee maker with premium quality features. There is a variable brew strength selector that you can choose between regular and bold. The drip coffee maker has a 24-hour programmed function, so it will be ready at any time for serving you. Last but not least, the coffee maker is featured to pour coffee before the completion of brewing.

Product features:

  • 29 spiral shower head for saturating coffee ground to optimal extraction
  • There is a dosage chart on the water tank and a dosage ladder on the gold-tone.
  • There is an easy to fill removable water tank which will ensure minimal spills with a large opening.
  • Kee warming features
  • Two brew buttons at the side and front
  • Best pour-over coffee maker
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable water tank
  • The water container is made of polycarbonate plastic.

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12 Cuisinart DCC-1150BKP1 Classic Thermal Programmable Coffee maker

Here we have the best thermal carafe coffee maker with a sleek and beautiful design. The coffee maker has a stainless accent and a double-walled thermal carafe coffee maker.  Moreover, it has classic good looks and with brand new technology, modern convenience. Let’s get into some other features of this thermal coffee maker.

Product features:

  • The water filter is made of charcoal.
  • It is automatically shut off when brewing will complete. 
  • There is a brewing pause feature if you want a coffee before brewing has finished.
  • It is a self-clean coffee maker with 24-hour programmability features.
  • The thermal carafe is a double wall 10 cup capacity.
  • There is a gold-tone filter included with the machine.

  • Thermal carafe coffee maker
  • Gold-tone and charcoal filter
  • Brewing pause button
  • The plastic handle can get hot


Q. How do I choose a drip coffee maker?

There are some aspects which you have to make sure that meet your needing demand while choosing your drip coffee maker includes

  • Size of the coffee maker 
  • The capacity of the machine 
  • Brewing style
  • Adjustment of temperature and flavor control should be available
  • Price laying on your budget
  • Ease of cleaning 
  • Long time warranty

Q. Is Mr. Coffee a drip coffee maker?

Mr. Coffee is a leading brand in coffee-related accessories, and it is a drip coffee maker. Well, this brand has various models of coffee makers. You can choose one which meets your demand.

Q. Does the quality of a coffee maker matter?

Of course the quality matters for choosing the coffee makers. However, there are some other things that are important to look for. For instance, the process of roasting the beans is that they are in contact with hot water and extract the flavor from beans and then filtered coffee is delivered to the cup. Here the temperature of water and brewing style matters.

Q. What is the glass or thermal carafe role in coffee makers?

Either Thermal or glass carafe is used in filter coffee makers. Both have some pros and cons. 

Glass carafe uses a hot plate to retain the hotness of brewed coffee. Thermal carafe doesn’t use hot plates but uses single or double insulated walls to keep the brewed coffee warm. The glass almost cooked the coffee or made a little bit of change in freshly brewed coffee flavor. While the thermal carafe coffee is still in its real taste as well as maintaining its temperature. The only flaw of the thermal carafe is that you can’t see the amount of coffee inside.

Buying Guide of best coffee makers under 100:

When the situation of purchasing the best coffee makers for under $100 arises, several options can make you crazy. Wandering away from instant stuff and Starbucks machines exist to do the work quite well. However, a series of criteria must be examined by you. For this reason, here we will give a quick buying guide for the best coffee makers under 100.

Kind of coffee

It requires taste to know what variety of coffee you would like to have from the best coffee makers. For espresso, the only suitable machine is the devoted espresso machine. If you want a device with espresso and cappuccino function, then a coffee maker with a dual broiler should be your priority. Overall the requirement of the best coffee maker depends upon the type of coffee you need.

Size of cup

Check if your best coffee maker makes a decent size at once. If you need two cups of coffee in the morning, make sure that the coffee maker can give at least that much. Some coffee makers restrict themselves to delivering only precise sizes, which can be annoying more or less than what you need. Make sure that you purchase the best coffee maker that does not waste all the goodness of coffee. Instead, pick a coffee maker that is programmed for 24 hours, and there is no waiting between cups of coffee.


A decent coffee maker of servings should hold enough water at a single time. Ensure that it can take an adequate sum without the reservoir. Awful coffee makers most likely have big reservoirs and bad quality machine parts of having an identity as coffee makers. Therefore, you should choose your coffee maker wisely.


Simple is every time better with the majority of the machines and coffee makers. You do not require too many buttons, switches, and much-complicated procedures. You just need a cup of coffee. So a machine which is simple and easy to use should be your priority.


You need the best coffee maker that completes the job entirely, without leaving any part of work. Underachievers that don’t mix enough flavor and overachievers that heat the water more than the required level and make the coffee very bitter are not needed. So it is essential to look at the functionality of the machine.


Everyone wants a good piece of the purchase at an affordable budget, but keep in mind that there should be a balance between the features and the price. Determine the price along with the features of the coffee maker. This indicates that you should opt for slightly expensive items from reputable shops to have the best coffee maker. Or try to pick a product from the brand that is trustworthy and has a good reputation overall.


Although it is not necessary to only buy from some reputed branded coffee maker than purchasing from any ordinary counterpart. However, when there is a matter of features, quality, and design, branded items are the best. Some famous brands in coffee makers are Cuisinart, Delonghi, Keurig, KitchenAid, etc.

Easy in cleaning

It’s obvious that you have to face cleaning issues as well. You want to enhance the service life of your best drip coffee maker. Ensure that all the vital parts are washable so that the coffee doesn’t stick to it. Or if you are too busy, you can also pick a coffee maker that is dishwasher safe. 


If you purchase something that can fit in your kitchen’s small place, you will like to use it every day. Moreover, portable coffee makers also do not interfere with your kitchen space. For this reason, the best portable coffee makers are the best choice.


Ensure that no electrical parts are exposed, and everything is accurately insulated. Check whether the handles are cool when touched or not, so that no one gets burned.


Without a doubt, if you want to drink a great cup of coffee full of flavor and taste in no time, the best coffee maker is the best option for you. When we talk about the price, then we find many expensive options also. But remember it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a coffee maker with luxurious features. Instead, you can buy a cheap coffee maker with all the required features for a perfect cup of coffee in the morning. Here we want to conclude our today’s topic hoping that after reading our review of the best coffee maker under 100$, you become able to pick your favorite machine.

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